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Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers: The Risks (print version)

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Intubation: A Lesson in Helplessness (print version)

Getting the Most Out of Your Nursing Expert (print version)

High Spinal Cord Injury: Respiratory Russian Roulette (print version)

The Value of Expert Fact Witness Reports (print version)

To Sleep the Eternal Sleep (print version)

More Than The Blues (print version)

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Vision Changes and the Elderly: Is Your Law Firm an Accident Waiting to Happen? (print version)

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PEG tubes—not a panacea

Will apologies to patients drive med mal attorneys out of business?

What’s new in pain management?

Issue 25:
Numbers of Medical Malpractice Claims on the Decline, but Severity Rises: New Study Released
Physician Office Records: Are They Complete?
“I did not know that you did that too!”: Med League’s most frequently requested services
Resistance to Expert Fact Witness Role Decreasing
From the President’s Desk: What did I say?

Issue 24:
Computerized Medical Records
Top Ten Ways to Evaluate Chronologies
From the President’s Desk: AALNC’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Nursing Home Litigation: Investigation and Case Preparation, Second Edition
New Publishers at our Webstore
In memoriam: Maureen King

Issue 23:
What does that medication order say?
JCAHO Do Not Use List
2004 JCAHO Patient Safety Goals
Medication Errors by Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC
Top quotes for the new year
Patricia Iyer’s television appearances
Med League Support Services, Inc. adds PESI products to our webstore

Issue 22:
Was the driver impaired?
Top ten hints for medical records management
What was that again? More analogies and metaphors gone awry