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Author: Alan D. Clark

Alan D. Clark, MD began practicing emergency medicine in 1976. In 1995, convinced that forensic investigation and analysis was a missing component in the acute evaluation of emergency medical and trauma victims, Dr. Clark began to study and teach forensic evaluation for physicians and nurses caring for these patients. Dr. Clark assisted in medico-legal case evaluations, lectured at national forensic conferences, and in 1999 was the medical editor for a monthly forensic continuing medical education audio series for forensic scientists and physicians. Although retired from active medical practice, Dr. Clark continues to teach general forensics and presently researches and lectures on the forensic implications of environmental neurotoxins in neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

Burns-The Medical and Forensic Model

Burns-The Medical and Forensic Model

This book is essential for anyone in the legal, law enforcement, and/or health care professions, involved with burn cases. More info →
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