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Author: Richard T. Hughes

Mr. Richard T. Hughes, P.E. is a registered professional engineer with over twenty years of experience working as a consulting engineer in the civil engineering, transportation and structural engineering fields. Retained as a professional expert by all of the major insurance companies, Mr. Hughes has completed consulting work on over 300 liability suits and has published several articles related to safety issues. In addition to his expert witness work, he has designed multi-story buildings up to 38 stories in height and bridges exceeding 1000 feet in length. His educational credits include a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Science from the Pennsylvania State University.

Building Design and Construction Hazards

Building Design and Construction Hazards

The role of the engineer either as a designer or construction manager generally provides the best opportunity to identify the hazards that cause injury or damage. Part of this task includes ensuring for design features and modifications that will minimize hazardous conditions during construction and life of the structure. Identifying the hazards that most commonly endanger the users during the life cycle of the building facility is the primary objective of this book. This objective is accomplished by instructing the engineer how to sidestep these hazards at the time of design and construction. This book delves into the cause of many hazards common to construction, including fire, maintenance, mold, structural failure, and operational conditions and details ways to minimize or avoid these conditions, reducing the possibility of injury and damage. More info →
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