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Why Doctors Should Not Testify to Nursing Standards of Care by Pat Iyer

Increasingly, states are not permitting physicians to testify about nursing standards of care. The Illinois case called Sullivan V. Edward Hospital, 806 NE 645 (Ill. 2004) involved a man who climbed over side rails and was found on the floor … Continue reading

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What does your nonverbal body language give away?

Initially all went well after 45-year-old Mr. Watson (name changed) had surgery. He had an abdominal resection. ¬†However, a few days after surgery, he began to get confused. His confusion progressed. On postoperative day 5, the nurse found him sitting … Continue reading

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Medical errors: it only takes a moment

Medical errors and accidents can happen in a moment, and forever change a life. One night last year, my husband and I were driving separately down a dark road to our house. I was ahead of him. I heard a … Continue reading

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Being Detailed Oriented

When it comes to organizing medical records, being detailed oriented is essential. Medical records come into our legal nurse consulting office all states of organization and disorganization. We organize records before reviewing them or forwarding them to our physician and … Continue reading

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