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Construction Accident Reconstruction

Construction Accident Reconstruction
Authors: ,
Genres: Accident reconstruction, Worker’s compensation
Length: 329 Pages
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 0913875651
This book contains data and statistics about fatal and non-fatal construction accidents, Life/Safety Codes and discussions of many construction accident investigations. The purpose of the book is to inform attorneys, engineers, and contractors about what causes accidents in the construction industry, what identifiable factors influence such accidents, how to prepare the engineer for construction accident litigation, how to use demonstrative exhibits in trial preparation, and reviews and commentary on dozens of trial cases.
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Litigation relating to construction site accidents appear on the court dockets of every judicial district throughout the country. The number of lawsuits filed because of accidents has grown year after year. Until now there has been no single place for a person to obtain the information of what a forensic engineer does when reconstructing an accident. This book, now in its second edition, fills that void. It has been updated and expanded throughout by Jon Abele, Esq. It also allows attorneys to learn the basics of forensic engineering while providing guidance to accident reconstructionists on how to conduct an investigation into a construction worksite accident.

Construction Accident Reconstruction will introduce attorneys and engineers to the proper methods of investigating an accident case of this type. It is presented in a straightforward, yet lively manner that should inform and also challenge the reader to think about accident reconstruction in a new way so that they can better represent the workers injured on the construction site. This book presents the statistics of fatal and non-fatal accidents to acquaint the reader with the magnitude of the number of people who are seriously injured in the construction industry every year. Jobsite injuries are preventable, yet millions of workers suffer injuries when the proper preventative measures are not used. Failure to follow safety standards leads to lawsuits when workers are injured.

Topics include:

  • What causes accidents in the construction industry?
  • What identifiable factors influence construction accidents?
  • Why is the third party involved?
  • Is the accident really the third party’s fault?
  • How to investigatea construction industry accident?
  • Can construction accidents be prevented?
  • The engineer’s role in construction accident litigation
  • Using demonstrative exhibits in the preparation for trial
  • A guide to OSHA rules and regulations
  • Reviews and commentary on dozens of cases
  • Leading OSHA Construction Violations
  • Human error
  • Material failure
  • Mechanical failure
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