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Guide for Assessing Hospital Liability: A Former CEO’s

Guide for Assessing Hospital Liability: A Former CEO’s
Genre: Medical Negligence
Length: 165 pages
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Year: 2008
ISBN: 1933264470
This book guides attorneys, hospital executives, or any professionals involved in hospital liability cases, through the intricacies of hospital liability.
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Attorneys with little exposure to or understanding of the complexities of the hospital industry prior to handling cases arising from care or treatment provided in the hospital setting may feel as though they have wandered into a multifaceted maze. Even hospital owners and administrators may not fully appreciate or fully understand the magnitude of laws, codes, rules, regulations and standards that govern hospitals today, and how they affect them in a liability cases.

Guide for Assessing Hospital Liability
looks at the legal challenges confronting hospitals, provides insight into basic hospital organization and governance, and recommends practical strategies for comprehensive assessment of hospital liability, risk, vulnerability or responsibility. No other book presents such a straightforward discussion of how hospitals actually work or should work, in a way that could be easily understood, regardless of experience, exposure or expertise.

Author Pat Cornelison, a former hospital CEO and currently practicing management and forensic consultant, offers an insider s view, with the knowledge and understanding required to provide effective strategies for those investigation and prosecuting or defending hospital liability cases.

Topics Include:

  • History of hospital liability
  • Hospital culture
  • Hospital regulatory law
  • Hospital governance
  • Hospital management
  • The medical staff
  • Medical staff bylaws
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Hospital communications
  • Assessing liability, risk, vulnerability and responsibility
  • Hospital liability litigation
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