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Medical Legal Aspects of Pain and Suffering

Medical Legal Aspects of Pain and Suffering
Genres: Medical Topics, Personal injury
Length: 525 pages
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN: 1930056397
There is no other book devoted to the assessment, management and presentation of pain and suffering. Written by experienced clinicians and attorneys, this book will help the healthcare professional understand how to better alleviate pain and suffering, and the attorney more effectively litigate claims. A unique blend of authors have contributed solid material covering a range of concerns on this hot topic. This book is loaded with practical information, medical illustrations, figures and tables, pain assessment forms, sample and questions for direct examination of witnesses.
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Written for the healthcare professional, claims adjuster and trial attorney, this book provides detailed information on how to analyze pain and suffering cases. You will read chapters written by legal nurse consultants, physicians and attorneys and see how pain and suffering patients and cases are viewed and treated on all sides.

Each section of this valuable text is designed to fully explain each aspect of this hot topic in healthcare. The book starts with an overview of understanding medical records and commonly used pain assessment tools. It continues with a focus on high-risk populations, pain and suffering in children and cancer pain. The last section is dedicated to presenting pain and suffering cases.

By combining the clinical information in the first two sections with the legal strategies in the last section, this book becomes a must read for any attorney litigating medical, nursing, or nursing home negligence cases.

Topics include:

  • Organization and analysis of medical records
  • Pain assessment and management
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer, spinal cord injury, wounds and burns
  • Life-care planning and chronic pain
  • Pain and suffering in children
  • Trial exhibits
  • Ante-mortem damages
  • Defense and plaintiffs’ perspectives
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