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Roadway Safety and Tort Liability

Roadway Safety and Tort Liability
Genres: Accident reconstruction, Damages
Length: 698 pages
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Year: 2004
ISBN: 193005694X
Roadway Safety and Tort Liability, the second edition of Roadway Defects and Tort Liability, provides you with an extensive review of roadway design, traffic safety and legal cases. You will review the numerous attempts made to reduce the number of traffic accidents on our roadways and you will understand that although cars are safer for the occupants, driver education has improved and roadway design has advanced, there are still faulty practices and applications that continue to persist on American roadways and railroad crossings.
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This new edition has been expanded into two sections. The first section, written by John C. Glennon, D.Engr, P.E, one of the world’s leading roadway experts, examines the various components that make a road either safe or unsafe, from signals and signs to traffic barriers and pavement edge drops. It will give you many valuable insights on the roadway design, roadway maintenance, traffic engineering, and human factor aspects of roadway and traffic safety. Glennon’s chapters review the prevailing and historical standards, accident circumstances, elements of hazard, technical aspects of roadway defects cases and rules of thumb. His section is loaded with photos, graphs and tables that illustrate not only design defects but also defects caused by aging barriers, construction zones, potholes, debris and insufficient signage. By reading through the first section of this book, it becomes clear to you how these defects lead to trouble for motor-vehicle operators.

Section II, by Paul Hill, it comprised of entirely new material. You will be provided an overview of actual suits brought against states, municipalities and cities for accidents claimed to have been caused because of a defect with the roadway. Each chapter in this new section is dedicated to court cases involving one or more of the roadway safety topics discussed in the first section of the book. You will be able to review cases that involve accidents caused by missing signals, debris, traffic barriers, shoulder drop-offs, trees and more. Where applicable, cases from various states are cited to give you an insight into different states’ laws. Moreover, Mr. Hill discusses the court’s opinion and offers an explanation to why judgments were granted in some and denied in others.

Topics includes:

  • Rail-highway grade crossing
  • Overview of roadway safety and tort liability
  • Roadside safety
  • Traffic barriers
  • Slippery pavement and hydroplaning
  • Intersection sight distance
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Traffic control devices
  • Construction zones
  • Pavement edge drops
  • Collisions with wild animals
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