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You will learn vital information that will directly improve your knowledge of medical issues and handling of medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Our programs are typically one-way, from the speaker and moderator to the audience. There are opportunities for you to interact with the speaker with question and answer sessions using your keyboard and a box on the screen. You may also send in questions ahead of the program for our speakers. Our programs use PowerPoint slides. You do not have to have PowerPoint on your computer to see them. You’ll need to be sitting in front of a computer at the time of the program in order to see the slides. You can hear the speakers by calling a phone line or by using headphones or speakers after clicking on a link we will send you when you register. Can’t join us at the time or the program or want to refer to the content in the future? Our programs are recorded. We provide special savings on transcripts and replays. The replay is the only form that has the slides and audio.Need more information? Check our frequently asked questions.

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Previous Programs:

Topic Speaker Date/Time
Powerful Discovery Tools through Technology, Tom Quail Powerful Discovery Tools through Technology Webinar
You want to be able to expedite the review of electronic records. You know that electronic medical record use will increase as more facilities and physician offices invest in this technology.

Thomas Quail


May 1, 2013

website pic Electronic Medical Records: How to Navigate Your Way Through the Paper Printouts
You want to be able to expedite the review of electronic records. You know that electronic medical record use will increase as more facilities and physician offices invest in this technology.

Mila Carlson


April 24, 2013

Lab Technician Hospital Acquired Infections Webinar

Take the shortcuts provided when you learn how to identify the power people in your life – and use this knowledge to get more business, use your power people for mutual benefit and growth, create the proper powerful environment and communicate more effectively.


Valerie Lane


March 21, 2013

image for website Hot Spots in Nursing Home Litigation Webinar

Nursing home documentation requirements, staffing, and regulations are markedly different from hospital ones. Learn from an experienced nursing expert witness about the special regulations that govern nursing home care. You will become familiar with the standard of care and best practices so that you may be better able to evaluate liability, damages and defenses for three hot spots in nursing home litigation


Barbara Johanson


February 21, 2013

Power Relationships and How To Make Them Work Webinar

Take the shortcuts provided when you learn how to identify the power people in your life – and use this knowledge to get more business, use your power people for mutual benefit and growth, create the proper powerful environment and communicate more effectively.


Gayle Carson


February 12, 2013

How to Market Yourself and Your Company on a Shoestring Budget Webinar

You will learn how to make an impact and build your business. Start off the year by taking a fresh look at your marketing plan.


Gayle Carson


January 15, 2013

Compartment Syndrome: Putting the Squeeze on Nursing Liability

Learn how to identify the damages caused by compartment syndrome and list the signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome.


Annemarie Costello


December 4, 2012

Deciphering Operating Room Nursing Liability Webinar

Gain insider information from an OR nurse, who will take you behind the OR door into the unique world of the operating room. You will gain confidence in your ability to recognize key operating room safety issues.


Dianna McCorkle


November 13, 2012

WordPress! It’s About Time – You Can Build a Custom Website Easily

If you are serious about reaching your target market, you need a professional appearing and easy to maintain website. WordPress is an easy to use, customizable website platform that is rapidly becoming the top choice of business owners.


Paul Taubman


October 9, 11, 16, 23, 25, 30, November 1, 2012

Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals: Learn How to Harness its Power Course

Webinar Day

Learn how to teach how to manipulate .pdf files in multiple ways, create standardized .pdf forms, incorporate demonstrative evidence including video into your reports, and how to secure your work.


Lee Houston


June 28, 2012

   Computerized Medical Records: Medical Legal Analysis Multimedia
Increasingly, LNCs and attorneys are receiving medical records generated through the use of computers. Are you able to efficiently organize, view, and annotate these records? Learn the technology tips that will increase your productivity and also allow you to keep digital copies of medical records instead of large paper volumes. (read more)
Pat Iyer
Lee Houston
 Apr 10, 2012
Polish Your Writing Skills: Learn how to WOW your clients
Webinar Day
Legal nurse consultants need to prepare careful reports. Their reports may be seen by many people, including clients, claims handlers, partners, associates, other expert witnesses and the judge. The report may create a positive or negative impression and directly impact the LNC’s ability to obtain more work.
—Samuel Davis Esq.
(read more)
Angela Duke-Haynes
Pat Iyer
Dana Jolly
Feb 1 and Feb 8, 2012
Cash Copy: How to Supercharge Your Marketing Materials
Do you know how to use principles of powerful writing to reach your potential clients? Are you allowing your competitors to take away your business because they can communicate better? Do you know why facts tell, but emotions sell? Are you selling services when you should be selling benefits? Are you losing potential business by using fluff, guff or geek in your marketing materials? Learn how to write compelling marketing materials that will attract clients.
Pat Iyer Dec 1, 2011
Superpower Your Ability to Negotiate: How to Read Body Language
You will learn body language revelations that will assist you in controlling the body language signals you emit when negotiating. You really can master reading invisible messages in order to “read the other person’s mind.” This program will help you accurately assess the other person’s plan by first considering the image you wish to project and the role that your body language will play. With your enhanced and newfound skills, you will be able to negotiate better in business and in your personal life.
Greg Williams Nov 29, 2011
Boost Your Business Skills: How to Develop More Confidence
Are you working hard but not getting anywhere and find your revenues are not adequate to support financial needs? Are you unsure of how to differentiate yourself from your competition? Do you need to stop what’s stopping YOU and take back control of your business? Do you want to know how to get clear on your services, your positioning, and your business approach for more sales and greater customer satisfaction?
Kathleen Aston Oct 13, 2011
Discover, Define, and Deliver a Brand That Shines
Stop living in the shadows of your competition, make more money now, and attract more of your ideal clients. Branding is the true foundation of any business and if you don’t have a clear brand, then your marketing efforts and sales efforts are not as efficient. To stand out from competition and to build IMMEDIATE trust, likability, value, and confidence for your prospects and clients, then you must have a strong brand!
Jena Rodriguez May 25, 2011
Your Facebook Fan Page Strategy: In 3 Easy Steps
Are you harnessing the power of Facebook for business visibility and growth? Do you know how to find your prospects, deliver your message, and use your social media time most effectively? This program will open your eyes to the business uses of Facebook Fan pages. Facebook is more than sharing pictures; it is a growing space for business connections and advertising.
Michele Scism May 16, 2011
Marketing for Legal Nurse Consultants On-Line Course
6-week course
Don’t miss our all new on-line course: 6 weeks of concentrated information on how to transform your LNC practice. We’ve assembled a panel of experts to give you secrets and techniques for reaching your target audience — and growing your business!
Pat BemisVictoria PowellPat IyerGary Bronga

Caryn Kopp

Alice Adams

Stephanie Scotti

Jan 19 –
Feb 24, 2011
Anticoagulation: Teetering on the Bleeding Edge
The Heparin overdose of actor Dennis Quaid’s newborn twins drew attention to the dangers of anticoagulants: Heparin, Coumadin, Lovenox, and others. These drugs have a very narrow window of safety. Even in the best of circumstances, when everyone does everything right, these drugs can lead to significant toxicity and bleeding, permanent injury, paralysis, blindness, and death. Safe use requires understanding how they work (mechanism of interaction, onset and duration of action), using antidotes, and recognizing and avoiding drug interactions….. (read more)
James O’Donnell, PharmD Dec 7, 2010
8pm Eastern /
7pm Central /
6pm Mountain /
5pm Pacific
Complex Wound Care with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT): Adverse Events and Litigation
Negative pressure wound therapy includes an increasing number of devices to stimulate wound healing by reducing swelling and drainage and creating a local environment that enhances healing. NPWT is a widely accepted modality by the international wound care community. Use – and misuse – of NPWT is on the rise. (read more)
Diane Krasner PhD RN Nov 17, 2010
8pm – 9pm EST
Negotiating Successfully to Collect Your Cash: Tips for Business Professionals
Does this happen to you? Clients request services for which they cannot pay. You provide the services, and then struggle to obtain payment. Your cash flow is strangled by slow payers. Your relationships with clients are poisoned by payment issues. Greg Williams, a master negotiator, and Pat Iyer, legal nurse consultant, have teamed up to provide you with tactics to negotiate to get your invoices paid. (read more)
Greg Williams and Pat Iyer Oct 12, 2010
8pm Eastern /
7pm Central /
6pm Mountain /
5pm Pacific
Efficient and Effective Use of Demonstrative Evidence to Make the Case
Legal professionals have to balance the desire for an effective presentation with the need to be more conscious about costs related to the litigation. There is also pressure to be on the cutting edge of courtroom presentation technology. (read more)
Stephen Appelbaum
Sep 28, 2010
8pm – 9pm EDT
Nutrition: Was Malnutrition the Culprit?
40-85% of patients and nursing home residents experience protein-calorie malnutrition, which promotes involuntary weight loss, pressure wound development, poor wound healing and other negative patient or resident outcomes. Janet McKee, a nutritional expert, exposes the practices that lead to malnutrition. This interactive webinar provides the knowledge to determine when nutrition is a key issue in case evaluations and screening a claim for merit.
Janet S. McKee, MS RD CSG LD/N DAPWCA June 29, 2010
8pm – 9pm EDT
An Eye for an Eye: The Legal Consequences of Vision Loss
A uniquely qualified presenter, Dr. Joe Citron is both an ophthalmologist and an attorney. He explains the mystery of how we see and what goes wrong when the visual system is injured. Loss of vision can have profound effects on a plaintiff, affecting vocational, social, and psychological issues. Dr. Citron pulls back the covers to share his knowledge. Eyes, vision and injuries have long been the province of a few specially trained medical people. No more! He’ll use common English and a minimum of medical terms to explain how people see. He’ll help you understand the connections between the eyes and the brain as well as the methods used for testing these areas. What’s the eye case worth? Dr. Citron will help you determine the value of eye injuries.
Joseph Citron, MD Esq May 19, 2010
8pm – 9pm EDT
Spinal Epidural Hematoma: When Hours Count
An undiagnosed epidural hematoma may result in devastating permanent injuries – paralysis and incontinence. The risks are increasing as more surgeries and procedures, including pain management with epidural catheters, are being performed and have the potential for the development of epidural hematomas. Liability may fall on the shoulders of the nurses and physicians associated with a failure to diagnose or a delay in diagnosis of the hematoma. How does this dreaded complication happen? Two experienced legal nurse consultants explain the anatomy, risk factors, and the standards of medical and nursing care related to spinal procedures and epidural catheters.
Cheryl Gatti & Jude Lark April 27, 2010
8pm – 9pm EDT

Previous Teleseminars (audio only):

Topic Speaker Date/Time
Navigating the Slippery Legal Slope of Falls
Falls result in both minor and serious injury types including fatalities. In the healthcare setting, falls occur for multiple reasons. When does a fall constitute malpractice and when is it simply a bad outcome? An expert clinician in falls, Dr. Deanna Gray-Miceli sorts out these issues in a teleseminar for attorneys and legal nurse consultants.
Deanna Gray-Miceli, PhD Feb 23, 2010
12pm – 1pm EST
Build Customer Relationships and Attract More Business
Do you wish you could attract more business with ease? Many small business owners would like to do a better job of staying “top-of-mind” with prospective clients, or doing a better job of expressing appreciation to the clients they currently have, but limited time and money become a barrier. Successful business owners understand that building strong relationships impacts the bottom line, given that 66% of their business is found through their sphere of influence. How are you staying in touch with your sphere of influence?
Kathy Paauw Jan 21, 2010
12pm – 1pm EST
Take the Terror out of Testifying as an Expert Witness
Does the idea of testifying at a deposition or trial give you butterflies? Many legal nurse consultants fear giving deposition testimony. Two experienced expert witnesses share lessons learned from the hot seat.
Kathleen C. Ashton
PhD, APRN, BC and Mindy Cohen
Jan 7, 2010
12pm – 1pm EST
Secrets of Success for Working as an Inhouse LNC
Is working at a law firm right for you? How can you create the most value for your skills? What are the pros and cons of this fast-paced role? An experienced LNC employed by a prestigious plaintiff law firm shares her knowledge on how to maximize the role of the inhouse LNC.
Elizabeth K. Zorn
Nov 17, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Getting the Most out of an LNC Observation of an Independent Medical Examination
If you have observed an IME on behalf of a patient (claimant or plaintiff) or considered adding this to the services you offer as an LNC, you need this program. An experienced LNC whose business includes providing LNC’s to observe IME’s shares the behind the scenes details of this role.
Lorraine E. Buchanan
Nov 5, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Visual Evidence: Helping Your Attorney Client Succeed
Clear exhibits can make or break a case. LNCs can take advantage of the opportunities to convince attorney clients to develop exhibits for any stage of a case. You’ll learn how to work with attorneys to clearly define key concepts and create effective and efficient exhibits.
Karen M. Haviland, RN, BSN, CLNC Oct 13, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Get a Jump Start on Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business
Are you not sure how to start or expand your legal nurse consulting business? Are you stuck at the starting gate? This program is for you. If you completed a legal nurse consulting course and are finding it hard to get clients, you are not alone.
Victoria Powell
Oct 7, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Show, Not Tell
Are you getting the most out of demonstrative evidence/graphics/exhibits you decide to use in a case? Do you know the optimum time to plan demonstrative evidence? Do you know how to obtain effective feedback to improve your exhibits? Do you know when to use low tech, medium tech and high tech demonstrative evidence? Have you envisioned a trial as a play that needs visual aids at each stage?
Stephen Appelbaum
May 1, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Death by IV Catheter: Air Embolism and IV Catheter Related Sepsis
An air embolism is a medical condition caused by oxygen bubbles in the bloodstream. Death may occur if a large amount of air becomes lodged in the heart, stopping blood flow from the heart to the lungs. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has identified air embolism as one of the preventable “never events” for which reimbursement will be denied. Learn what should be done to prevent unnecessary deaths.
Susan Masoorli
April 30, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Death in Seclusion or Restraints
An aggressive man becomes combative. The healthcare providers restrain him by sitting on his chest. Within minutes he is dead. This program will focus on the appropriate use of seclusion and restraints, and strategies to evaluate a psychiatric nursing malpractice claim involving seclusion or restraints.
Wanda K. Mohr

April 9, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
After the Fall
Older adults are at higher risk of falls and also have a higher rate of poor outcomes. Fractures are a serious consequence of falls in the older population and have significant morbidity/mortality, legal and financial implications. Falls are now classified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as “never events”, for which reimbursement will be denied.
Barbara Levin
March 6, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
Refocusing Your Business in Tough Times
Challenged by dislocating changes in the market place? Recognizing that traditional business practices are not as effective in changing times? Client relationships have become personal. Discover ways to market smarter with today’s technology. This program is directed to small business owners.
Patricia Bemis
February 11, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
New Technology to Grow Your Business
Are you using technology effectively to facilitate your business activities? Are you using social media to attract attention and business? Is your company website gaining you clients? If you think Twitter is something birds do, then this is the program for you.
Victoria Powell
February 4, 2009
12pm – 1pm EST
IV Therapy: Complication or Malpractice?
An IV infiltration occurs. Caustic medication leaks out of a needle into the tissues. Is it nursing malpractice or a complication of IV therapy? Learn the answers from an IV therapy expert witness and author.
Susan Masoorli
Jan 27, 2009
12 – 1pm EST
The Acute Abdomen
The “golden hour” right after trauma is the time to achieve the maximum benefit for the trauma patient. Learn what will increase the quality of patient care, reduce complications, improve results and greatly diminish the opportunity for medical malpractice litigation.
Peter Fielding
Nov 19, 2008
12 – 1pm EST
Rapidly Building a Legal Nurse Consulting Practice: Secrets of Success
Jump start your independent legal nurse consulting practice with a host of ideas on marketing. Karen will share the secrets of gaining new clients. She will invigorate you to try a new approach with her practical suggestions.
Karen Cebulko
Nov 13, 2008
12 – 1pm EST
When the Dream is Shattered: Legal Risks of Labor and Delivery
Obstetrical nursing practice is intertwined with high risk for patient injury. You will learn to identify the most common sources of obstetrical nursing malpractice, including fetal distress and shoulder dystocia. Is it enough for the staff nurse to tell the obstetrician there is a problem?
Joanna McGrath
Oct 14, 2008
12 – 1pm EDT
Negotiate Your Way to Success
Greg is the master negotiator, and brings years of expertise and helpful hints to help you gain more of what you need and want.
Greg Williams
speaker, author
Oct 8, 2008
12 – 1pm EDT
Screening Potential Medical Malpractice Claims: From the Frivolous to the Egregious
An experienced medical malpractice and negligence attorney will help you spot the claims that potentially have merit—from both the medical and legal perspectives.
Peter Bergé
Sep 22, 2008
12 – 1pm EDT
From Triage to the Courtroom: Legal Risks in ED Practice
Why is the triage seat in the emergency department the hottest one? Learn how the intricacies of the triage role can create or avoid patient injury or allegations of ER nursing malpractice or negligence.
Christine Macaulay
Sep 15, 2008
12 – 1pm EDT

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The moderator: Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC has over 22 years of experience working with attorneys who handle medical and nursing malpractice cases. Pat reviews cases as an expert witness, testifies as an expert fact witness, and is the editor of what is commonly referred to as the “LNC Bible”: Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice. Pat served for five years on the board of directors for The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC), including a term as president. She was the chief editor of the AALNC online legal nurse consulting course, and is a frequent presenter at AALNC conferences. Pat has a thorough grasp of liability issues. She has coauthored or edited over 20 books directed to nursing professionals, legal nurse consultants and attorneys. Recent texts include Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition, Medical Legal Aspects of Medical Records, Medical Legal Aspects of Pain and Suffering and Nursing Home Litigation: Investigation and Case Preparation, Second Edition.

Contact Hours, CEUs: Provider is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CE-3285, for 1 (one) contact hour credit. CE credit is accepted in all states for relicensure and by many national certification Boards. Contact your national Board or call 1-800-743-4006 for details.