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Navigating the Slippery Legal Slope of Falls. Falls result in both minor and serious injury types including fatalities. In the healthcare setting, falls occur for multiple reasons. When does a fall constitute malpractice and when is it simply a bad outcome? An expert clinician in falls, Dr. Deanna Gray-Miceli sorts out these issues in a teleseminar for attorneys and legal nurse consultants. (teleseminar transcript)

After the Fall. Older adults are at higher risk of falls and also have a higher rate of poor outcomes. Fractures are a serious consequence of falls in the older population and have significant morbidity/mortality, legal and financial implications. Falls are now classified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as “never events”, for which reimbursement will be denied. There are a variety of injuries a person can incur as the result of a fall. An expert orthopaedic nurse will help you bone up on fractures. You’ll understand the complexities of these injuries – how they heal and the types of surgeries commonly used to treat them. You’ll understand the damages- the postoperative complications that can occur, including delirium, surgical site infections, pneumonia, DVT, decubitus ulcers, as well as urinary tract infections. Clinical and legal implications are described. (teleseminar transcript)

Falls Handbook: Clinical and Medical-Legal Perspectives of Falls Across the Lifespan. Written by experts in the clinical and liability issues associated with falls, Falls Handbook is a current and comprehensive text on one of the most difficult aspects of medical care: fall prevention. The authors define falls, identify those at risk, and explain the consequences of falls. The text defines the hazards of falls in public places, homes and healthcare facilities. Medical, age-related, and medication-related causes of falls are clearly defined. You will learn what the caregiver should assess after a fall, and how the plan of care should be changed. You will learn what can and should be done to prevent falls. The rationale for moving away from the use of restraints and side rails is explained. The text concludes with a description of the analysis of the liability and damages associated with a fall. You will learn how meritorious cases are identified. Common allegations by plaintiff’s experts are listed, along with 9 defense strategies. The use of punitive damages in falls cases is defined. (128 pages, softbound)

Paralysis from a Medical Error: A Case Study. Written by an experienced legal nurse consultant and expert witness, this case study tells the story of a patient who entered the hospital for neck surgery and left as a paraplegic. The events of the case are true. The case study is designed to increase the reader’s awareness of the importance of appropriate delegation, notification of the physician of an incident, and the recognition of changes in a patient’s condition. You will learn through this case study to identify risk factors for falls and the appropriate action after a fall. The use of SBAR communication, a state of the art communication technique, is explained in a step by step process and applied to the case. You will view portions of the patient’s actual medical records (names have been changed) as well as his description of what really occurred. Time line development is explained as a tool to understand the progression of events. The case study includes diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord compression, analysis of liability, and a portion of one of the nurse’s depositions. The case study concludes with lessons learned. (36 pages, spiralbound)

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