Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition

Edited by:

Kathleen Ashton

2 volumes, casebound, 2011, Lawyers and Judges

Volume I (beige), 736 pages
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Volume II (blue), 960 pages
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An outstanding reference for the attorney, legal nurse consultant, insurance claim adjuster, healthcare risk manager, or healthcare facility leader involved in a nursing malpractice claim

The fourth edition of Nursing Malpractice brings you a wealth of information and resources for your case. This extensively revised and updated edition of a classic covers the spectrum of the nursing process—from patient admittance to lawsuit. Packed with tips and techniques this volume reveals typical ways in which nurses try to cover up their mistakes, shows how nurses are caught in a difficult position between the insurance company lawyers and hospital procedures, and gives a comprehensive overview of nursing responsibilities.

Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition consists of two separate books: Volume 1 and Volume 2. Volume 1, Foundations of Nursing Malpractice Claims, covers broad range topics such as patient safety, nursing practice, damages, and litigation of nursing malpractice claims. Included are new chapters on the view of the actuary and e-discovery. Volume 2, Roots of Nursing Malpractice, takes a closer look at more specific role, with detailed chapters on obstetrics, critical care, psychiatric, medical surgical, orthopaedic, managed care and emergency nursing, among many others. Included are new chapters on respiratory care, school nursing, dialysis therapy, telephone triage, nurse practitioners, healthcare-acquired conditions, and falls and their consequences.

A unique blend of attorneys, nurse attorneys, nurse expert witnesses, legal nurse consultants, physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, jury consultants, actuaries and legal photographers contributed chapters for this book. This text remains the only one on the market written for attorneys on nursing malpractice using such a broad base of expert authors. In short, this comprehensive book is an excellent and important addition to your nursing malpractice library.

These two volumes are specially designed to complement one another. Purchase them as a set and receive 10% off your order.

Chapters from Volume 1: Chapters from Volume 2:
  1. Roots of Patient Injury
  2. Where Have All the Nurses Gone?
  3. Moving from Traditional Law and Medicine to Promote Safety and Effective Risk Management
  4. Patient Safety Initiatives
  5. Medical Errors: Roots of Litigation
  6. Foundations of Nursing Practice
  7. Nursing Documentation
  8. Inside the Healthcare Environment
  9. Intersection of Nursing and Employment Law
  10. Pain and Suffering
  11. Vocational Evaluations in Nursing Malpractice Cases
  12. Life Care Planning
  13. Role of the Forensic Economist
  14. Screening the Nursing Malpractice Case
  15. Plaintiff Attorney’s Perspective: Working Up a Case
  16. Defense Attorney’s Perspective: Working Up a Case
  17. View of the Actuary
  18. E-Discovery
  19. Working with Claims Adjusters
  20. Working with Legal Nurse Consultants
  21. Working with Nursing Expert Witnesses
  22. Demonstrative Evidence
  23. Keeping the Jurors in Mind: Jury Research, Jury Selection, Themes, and Comprehension
  24. Crafting Effective Themes for a Nursing Malpractice Case
  25. Trial Techniques
  1. Obstetrical Nursing Malpractice Issues
  2. Neonatal Nursing Malpractice Issues
  3. Pediatric Nursing Malpractice Issues
  4. Critical Care Malpractice Issues
  5. Perioperative Nursing Malpractice Issues
  6. Psychiatric Nursing Liability
  7. Medical Surgical Malpractice Issues
  8. Respiratory Malpractice
  9. Orthopaedic Nursing Malpractice
  10. Subacute and Long-Term Care Nursing Malpractice Issues
  11. Assisted Living Liability
  12. Legal Issues in School Nursing Practice
  13. Managed Care Liability
  14. Dialysis Therapy Malpractice
  15. Home Health Care Nursing Malpractice
  16. Emergency Medical Services
  17. Emergency Nursing Malpractice
  18. Telephone Triage: A Primer for Lawyers and LNCs
  19. Nurse Practitioner Liability Issues
  20. Nurse Anesthesia Malpractice Issues
  21. Midwifery Malpractice and Litigation
  22. Preventing Healthcare-Acquired Conditions
  23. Infections in Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  24. Intravenous Therapy Malpractice
  25. Wounds
  26. Falls
  27. Healthcare Fraud
  28. Medication Errors
  29. Nurses Who Kill
  30. Medical Terminology, Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols

Review for the third edition

“Attorneys, Legal Nurse Consultants, medical professionals practicing in the clinical setting – you don’t want to be without it. Nursing Malpractice is an indispensable component to your medical/legal library; if you do not have it, grab your copy today. Your success is banking on it. (read more)
-Medical Legal Grabag-

Reviews for the second edition

Nursing Malpractice is a must for any LNC’s library.”
-Elena McAllister, RN, BA-

I have a fabulous book that I just picked up at the last AALNC conference in Denver. It’s called Nursing Malpractice, 2nd Edition; edited by our own Patricia Iyer, RN, MSN, LNCC. I have found it extremely useful and very well organized. I also like the reams of references that are included in the bibliography after each section and chapter. I highly recommend this book for any legal nurse consultant’s library.
-Rebecca Israel RN, BSN, CCRN, CLNC-

Nursing Malpractice is practical and analytical and will prove to be an EXCELLENT work, essential to the library of trial lawyers, administrators and risk managers.”
-Russ Herman JD-

Nursing Malpractice provides insight/strategy in dealing with these types of claims.”
-Michael Zerres JD-

Nursing Malpractice is excellent. The discussion regarding the pain and suffering was particularly helpful. I am sure it will be of great assistance to all of us who handle medical malpractice and significant personal injury cases.”
-Abbott Brown JD-

“The chapter was one of the best written materials that I have reviewed in a long time. The material was accurate and articulated well.”
-Barbara Hirsh, RN, JD-

“Great practical tips for new lawyers practicing in this specialized area!”
-Julie Barnesi RN, JD-

“Comprehensive and clear. ”
-Janine Fiesta, RN, JD-

“Excellent overview of medical charting. Comprehensive study which could prepare most attorneys to understand the medical record notes.”
-Randi Kopf RN, JD-

“Excellent! A must for those at entry level!”
-A. David Tammelleo, JD-

“Comprehensive, good combination of nursing and trial law. I was impressed with what you have done. As you know, the difficulty in such an undertaking is to address areas of trial practice that would apply in any jurisdiction and those which vary considerably. I think that you did a good job with both.”
-Paul Waldner JD-

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