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Fill that pipeline now by Caryn Kopp, Guest Author

Fill that pipeline now by Caryn Kopp, Guest Author

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sm atty on phone Knowing how to find the decision makers to fill your pipeline can be challenging. Here are a few strategies for connecting with prospects that will help everyone jumpstart this effort.

Tip 1. The first is an email introduction. This strategy is often overlooked. Someone you know may have a connection to a decision maker. The email introduction can be as simple as Joe Smith, meet Sarah Jones. Enjoy. You know what this gives you? Permission! Permission to communicate directly with the decision maker.

>Tip 2. Change up your networking activities. Find out where your prospects network… and go there. A person I know was targeting large businesses yet networking with small business owners. How many sales has he closed from that? None. As the saying goes, Fish where the fish are.

Tip 3. Make a list of decision makers. And, call them with a POWERFUL message. Use words which are so compelling your prospect would be foolish not to invite you for a meeting. I know a company that used to give a one line description of their product and didn’t get many meetings. So we tweaked their message and now they say they are the company that saves their clients $100k in costs. They’re getting a lot more meetings and in a lot less time.

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