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Charting Bloopers: Medical orders and advice

Charting Bloopers: Medical orders and advice

Admitting diagnosis: gang green.

Patient with history of near drowning: patient had a sinking spell .

Previously hospitalized at Mt. Cyanide (Mt. Sinai).

Patient with urinary retention: “cant pea.”

Misses his mouth and drops foot all over his clothes.

Had seeps of water.

Had a deep pocket of puss lateral to rectum.

Preoperative diagnosis: Stale Back Syndrome.

This caused a gross of embarrassment.

Patient needs a diaper for intoninence

There was a perforation of a hallowed organ.

Bold area on top of head.

He went to see the chef of surgery.

Heart rate of 140 beets per minute.

Dressing changed x1 for a large amount of serious drainage.

Able to tolerate gentile range of motion.

Patient able to giggle her toes bilaterally.

Active woozing of wound

Pain and knumbness in neck/back/arms.

Resident complained of an order coming from wound on buttock.

Will wash face and upper torsos’s daily.

Fatal care given.

Uptighted, could not sleep.

Drowling from mouth.

Ambulated with a steady gate.

He had a fractured tibia plato.

Uncomfortable with acks and pains.

She was tossing and tuning.

Patient remains wandered and agitated.

The nurses have good rapoir with the family.

She was probably identified and taken to the operating room.

Patient is currently undergoing message therapy.

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