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Medical Illustrations

Medical Illustrations

One of the most challenging aspects of personal injury law is understanding complex medical issues. Attorneys are required to understand some aspects of medicine without the benefit of a medical degree. Insurance claims adjusters and jurors are making decisions based on an understanding of medicine which may be sketchy at best.

We can help!

Med League Legal Nurse Consultant provides medical illustrations as demonstrative evidence.

Case Specific Illustrations
The most versatile product is called a case specific illustration. Using a unique process, anatomy, procedures and/or injuries are superimposed on actual photographs of the injured person. For example, the steps in an operation may be presented in a series of images that are superimposed on a photograph of the patient. Also, injuries can be illustrated. The patient’s medical records and scars can be used to recreate lacerations and burns on a photograph of the patient. This individualized approach helps the jurors or claims adjuster view the patient in a realistic, personal way.

Colorized Diagnostic Tests

Medical Illustrations_Image_1MRI_brain_abnormal

The patient’s actual films from MRIs, CT scans, x-rays and other types of studies are used by the medical illustrators to create easy-to-visualize injuries. Colorized radiology films are now being taken one step further to illustrate the injuries sustained by the patient. These techniques are more accurate than using stock illustrations from textbooks. X-rays are notoriously hard for jurors to see and interpret. Using medical illustrations, your expert witnesses will be able to knowledgeably explain the patient’s injuries by referring to the patient’s actual films along with illustrations which help the jury understand the films. Once the jurors accept the accuracy of the illustration, they find the drawings easier to understand than the actual films.

The Process
Our nurses are available to assist with each step of this process. We discuss with the attorney the purpose of the illustrations, identify the pertinent medical records for use by the illustrator, and provide a free quotation. After receiving approval and payment from the attorney, we work with the illustrator, the expert witness who will be using the illustrations (if applicable), and the attorney until a satisfactory product is finalized. Color 8.5″ by 11″ preliminary illustrations are reviewed by your expert or can be used for settlement brochures. Color courtroom size enlargements are also available in two sizes: 30″ by 40″ or 35″ by 48″. These are mounted on foam core board, laminated and framed.

Our illustrators also produce color computer animations. In addition, we sell reusable medical illustrations for a one time fee. There are no licensing fees required each time one of these is used. With these tools in hand, you will be able to make the most effective, convincing and educational presentation of the patient’s injuries.

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