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Negotiate Successfully Matching Offers to Perceived Value

Negotiate Successfully Matching Offers to Perceived Value

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When you negotiate, do you consider how your offers will be perceived, before presenting them? Do you take into account the value system of the other negotiator, to determine how she perceives value?  When negotiating, the way you shape and present an offer has a great impact on the other negotiator.  In addition, the manner in which the other negotiator perceives value should also be taken into consideration. Consider your perceived value of the following offers.  You see a service listed as …

Location of an expert witness $1400
Location of second expert witness for same case $400
Location of two expert witnesses for the same case $1800

All of the above offers appeal to different needs, yet the total is the same.  Which offer(s) resonated with you? Depending upon the price, the way you perceive value, the urgency, availability, and need for the service, each one of the above offers will appeal to you differently, at different times; so will be the case with the other negotiator when you negotiate. In addition to the way you shape and present your offer, consider the impact the economic times in which you’re negotiating and make allowances for the impact it will have on the negotiation. It too will have a pronounced influence on the perception of your offer. When negotiating, if you consider the perceived value that your offer will have on the other negotiator and present it to have maximum impact, your offer will carry greater weight, which will add greater value to your negotiation outcomes … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are …
• Always remember, value propositions are perceived differently by each person. Thus, the perceived value of an offer will influence different negotiators to respond differently at different times.
• Before sitting down to negotiate, try to determine how the other negotiator perceives value, for that which you’re negotiating in the current situation.
•  Depending upon our frame of mind, we can value the same circumstance through a different lens.  The lens through which you and the other negotiator view an offer has a great impact on the outcome of the negotiations.

By Guest Author Greg Williams

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