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Patient falls allegations – Top 12

Patient falls allegations – Top 12

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elder man crutchesThese are the most common allegations that nursing expert witnesses and plaintiff and defense attorneys should consider. The analysis of nursing liability after a patient fall addresses whether there was a deviation from the standard of care. Nursing liability surrounding a patient fall may fit into one or more of these allegations:

• Failure to identify the patient as being at risk for falls
• Failure to periodically re-evaluate the patient’s risk for falls
• Failure to reassign a new risk for falls following a fall
• Failure to identify an individualized plan of care for a patient at risk for falls
• Failure to instruct the patient to call for help, if able, when ambulating
• Failure to provide the appropriate degree of monitoring for a patient at risk for falls
• Failure to supply the appropriate amount of assistance when ambulating or transferring a patient
• Failure to use available interventions such as safety straps in the OR, lifting systems, floor mats, one to one sitters, bed alarms, lockable windows, and Wanderguards
• Failure to detect signs of injury after a patient has fallen
• Failure to notify a physician (and in some settings, the family and regulatory agencies) of the fall
• Failure to recognize and report signs of deterioration after a fall
• Concealing evidence of a fall

From Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition.

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