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Sample Themes for a Nursing Malpractice Case

Sample Themes for a Nursing Malpractice Case

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Both defense and plaintiff attorneys may use trial themes for nursing malpractice cases. Med League provides nurse expert witness and other medical expert witnesses nationwide to plaintiff and defense attorneys.

A doubtful remedy is better than none.
—Bacon, Essays: Of Innovations

A desperate disease must have a desperate cure.
—Shadwell, The Humorist Act iv

Doctors are authorized by the states to practice medicine, which is to diagnose, treat, prescribe, and operate on diseases, not people. Everything else is nursing.
—Donna Diers, R.N.

To preserve a man alive in the midst of so many chances and hostilities, is as great a miracle as to create him.
—Jeremy Taylor, Holy Dying

You yourself do wrong when you do not punish it.
—Publilius Syrus, Sententia

In overlooking the offenses of a good man you impair the law.
—Publilius Syrus, Sententia

Pardon one offense and you encourage many.
—Publilius Syrus, Sententia

There are some remedies worse than the disease.
—Publilius Syrus, Sententia

Caring is the essence of nursing. This does not understate the science of nursing. Rather, nursing has identified the science of caring.
—Nancy Sharts Engel, R.N.

Modern nursing in a sentence?—Florence doesn’t live here anymore.
—Echo Heron, R.N.

From Nursing Malpractice, Fourth Edition, Lawyers, and Judges.

Med League is a legal nurse consulting firm that assists attorneys handling cases involving nursing malpractice medical negligence, personal injury and other litigation with medical issues at stake. We provide nurse expert witness and other medical expert witnesses nationwide. Call us for assistance.

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