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Pain and Suffering Analysis – Fact Witness Summary Expert

Pain and suffering analysis also referred as Fact Witness Summary Expert A.K.A FRE 1006 summary witness report. Instead of bringing on a parade of witnesses, retain Med League to review the medical records and summarizes the pain and suffering.

As an Evidence Rule 1006 summary witness or Fact Witness Summary Expert, our nurse can give your clients the voice they need to share their story. Unlike an expert witness, 1006 summary witnesses are not called to testify about liability issues in a case. The idea is for the jury to fully comprehend  how your client’s life was affected by his or her injuries, medical conditions, complications, or treatment. Our nurses will help your firm prepare fully reliable and accurate reports on patient’s levels of pain and discomfort during treatment and post incidents. Our reports will be organized, easy-to-present and east-to-understand in the courtroom.

Fact Witness Summary Expert Pain and Suffering AnalysisIn these cases, it is important for the client’s story to be told. This includes cases involving issues such as: (1) delay in diagnosis, (2) delay in treatment, (3) motor vehicle accidents, (4) burns, (5) spinal cord injuries, (6) workplace injuries, (7) medication errors, (8) surgical errors, and (9) drug reactions. These types of cases often involve thousands of pages of medical records that the jury would be forced to read and comprehend on their own.

Advantages of retaining Med League nurse as a Fact Witness Summary Expert / Pain and Suffering Analysis Expert

  • We will summarize thousands of medical records in a report of moderate length.
  • Cost effective and efficient method than calling all of your client’s healthcare providers to testify in court.
  • Receive understandable and compelling summary than a piecemeal presentation by each treating or examining provider.
  • Recognizing the nurse possesses the technical and specialized knowledge to assist the trier of fact in understanding the evidence.
  • Our nurse provides a better understanding of voluminous records that cannot be conveniently examined and understood by a jury, who is unfamiliar with the medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols found in medical records.
  • Our Fact Witness Summary Expert offer a clear, unbiased voice for your client, which allows you to focus on the legal aspects of your case.


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 I want to thank you for the work put into the report in this matter. Mr. ________ had thousands and thousands of pages of medical records, and treatment that started from the day of the incident, and lasted to the date of the settlement (a period of over five years). Your summary and synopsis of his medical care painted a clear and accurate picture that not only would have saved a great deal of time in the courtroom by calling one witness instead of ten, but also would have allowed the jury to hear the impressive treatment timeline that has been Mr. ________’s life in a professional, yet easily understandable, format. Thank you again. – Ken Fulginiti Esq., Duffy + Partners, Philadelphia, PA, Plaintiff Attorney


Your demeanor and professionalism surely came through to the jury to such an extent that I do not believe defense counsel had any basis to challenge the testimony you were there to offer. The exhibits you prepared were most useful during your trial testimony and we were able to refer to these exhibits at various other times during the trial through other witnesses. When you arrived with eight loose-leaf binders indexed and coded, it became clear that the fees we paid for your preparation of this case were well justified by all the time it obviously took to organize and review these materials.  Alan Zibelman Esq., Philadelphia, PA, Plaintiff Attorney


As a plaintiff’s attorney, the two biggest obstacles I face in prosecuting medical malpractice and complex personal injury cases is the cost of expert witness testimonies and demonstrating the severity of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff. I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with the results of the medical summaries you have prepared for me and how they have helped me procure extremely favorable results for my clients.

Even before trial, your comprehensive pain and suffering reports assist all of my experts to quickly and completely review all of the relevant medical treatment and injuries concerning the plaintiff. The dollar savings in having an expert review a concise written summary instead of voluminous medical records prior to deposition and Trial cannot be overstated. Not only do your summaries save valuable expert review time, but they make certain that all my experts are familiar with all of the medical facts of the case. By preparing the summary in chronological order by provider and type of treatment and/or injury, experts testify confidently and correctly about the facts in the case.

In addition, Federal Rules of Evidence 1006 allows for summaries of voluminous medical records. Your ability to testify and present medical summaries greatly assist my ability to present to the jury the complexity and severity of the injuries suffered by plaintiffs. Without such testimony and supporting charts, the impact on the jury and compensation for my clients would be greatly reduced.

Once again, I thank you for your continuing and able assistance in preparing effective medical summaries of the treatment and injuries suffered by my clients. – Armand Leone, Jr., M.D., J.D., Britcher, Leone and Roth, Glen Rock, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney.


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