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Independent Medical Examination (IME)/DME

Independent Medical Examination (IME)/Defense Medical Exam (DME)

The independent medical examination (IME) or insurance medical exam, also known as defense medical examination (DME), may have a crucial impact on a plaintiff’s case. If you are a plaintiff attorney, you may have concerns about sending your client to this exam without an observer.

  • Will your client get a fair examination?
  • Will your client’s nervousness interfere with communication?
  • What will you do if the doctor misrepresents the steps in the examination?

The presence of a registered nurse at the exam serves several purposes:

  • Makes your client are relaxed about being examined, knowing your representative is there
  • Offers a set of eyes and ears to watch and record details of the exam
  • Provides an independent observer who can, if needed, testify as to what occurred in the examination room

Expert Nurses at IMEs will be able to:

  • Apply their knowledge of nursing theory and practice with the IME practitioner’s methods
  • Use their knowledge and understanding of medical health to make note of how the IME practitioner is recording the IME.
  • Communicate with the IME practitioner effectively, in possibly raising any objections
  • Organize his or her notes in a way that can easily be compared with the IME practitioner’s report

Nurses are  also expertly trained to assist patients with culturally sensitive needs. If your client has religious needs, cultural needs, or other personal needs, a nurse in attendance of the examination can provide professional support.

Our expert nurses come from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to provide barrier-free services to clients whom they work with. Our nurses will accommodate your client during all phases of the IME and evaluation process. Our nurses are also highly skilled to deal with clients with disabilities.

Having an expert nurse attend an IME will also allow you to allow the expert nurse to provide supporting information on prevention, care, and the treatment and support of acute medical conditions that plaintiffs sometimes suffer from.

Our Expert Nurses:

  • Work with your client in a manner that demonstrates integrity and respect
  • Our expert nurses are fully conversant in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Hindi. If your client has a special language requirement, please let us know and we will do our best to find an expert nurse that meets your requirements.
  • Our expert nurses consider their medical choices very carefully by weighing medical knowledge and clearly understanding the unique situation of your client
  • Our expert nurses work diligently and effectively with attorneys. We understand that personal injury cases and various other cases often have tight deadlines. Our expert nurses will provide professional reports that will either support an IME or counter it with their own findings
  • Our expert nurses show initiative in everything they do. If you believe an IME may highlight a specific finding in your plaintiff’s case, our expert nurse will make note of the fact while remaining professional and objective at all times.
  • Our expert nurses have the professional ability to communicate succinctly and verbally.

Med League is on a professional mission and mandate to provide top quality expert nurses.  By providing top firms, attorneys and solo practitioners with access to quality nurse experts, our services improve the chances of bolstering your court case with precision and authority.

Med League’s services are a crucial component to building a case as they provide the medical authority needed to demonstrate injuries, events, causation, and in some cases, a lack of culpability for your client. Our expert nurses have the requisite experience in working with attorneys and in conducting themselves in an efficient matter to prepare for a conference hearing, trial, or medical report. Our nurse experts provide a definite advantage over any other party that does not have the same medical authority on their side.

You’ll receive a report from our nurse which includes time frames for each component of the examination, the questions, and answers during the history and detailed observations of the examination. When you read this report, you’ll feel you were there.

Geographic areas we serve:

We have nurses nationwide to attend the independent medical examination.

We also specialize in last minute rush requests!

Contact us at 908-788-8227 now to schedule our nurse to attend IME with your client.

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