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Organizing & Summarizing Medical Records


Organizing and Summarizing medical records, a crucial process in any personal injury, malpractice, or mass tort case, can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Our nursing staff at Med League assist attorneys to provide well-organized and summarized medical records since 1989.

Organizing medical records

Increase your productivity and save time by asking Med League to organize the medical file. This permits you to have quick access to information and identifies key missing records which can be crucial to a case while there is still time to obtain these documents.


  • We use hospital or nursing home chart dividers from a hospital supplier or a legal supplier. The most economical dividers are made of heavy paper with plastic coated tabs that mark the various sections of the chart.
  • We start at the top of the stack and place the pages into piles that correspond with each divider. Once each paper is sorted into the right category, each section is organized in chronological order, starting with the first day of the admission and so on.
  • We use our nursing knowledge to identify pages that are missing, out of order, and undated, and make every effort to correctly place the page.
  • Some of our clients request an organized set to be duplicated and returned to them. This permits the attorney and expert to have identical sets, and eases communication about specific pages in the record.
  • We place the duplicated copies of the record in three ring binders organized with the hospital chart dividers.
  • Since your set of records and the expert’s will be identical, it will be easy to discuss the case and refer to specific page numbers.

Summarizing medical records / Medical Summary /  Medical Synopsis

The pressure is on you to settle cases as effectively and quickly as possible. When you are juggling multiple files, the effort involved in keeping track of your client’s injuries and medical records can turn the easiest case into a complex one. Everything from coding to medical transcription needs to be correctly performed.


  • Medical summaries provide an essential tool for the resolution of personal injury cases.
  •  A medical summary is prepared by our legal nurse consultant for use by the attorney in settling cases.
  • The summary concisely describes the accident, the mechanism of injury and the immediate care provided at the scene and in the emergency room.
  • The records of hospital stay and of subsequent treating physicians are summarized, along with the results of diagnostic testing.
  • The treating physicians’ comments regarding causation of the injuries, prognosis, and permanency are included in a medical summary.
  • We can also list the medical expenses as part of the medical summary.
  •  A separate letter to the attorney points out the missing records, red flags, and problematic medical issues.
  • Our medical summaries are enhanced with tables and charts, which are among the most cost-effective exhibits.




As you may recall, Mr. _____’s medical records were submitted to your company, Med League , to be organized. I had forwarded down to you, one large box of medical records, in no specific order and received back, two separate binders of well organized medical records in chronological order. Not only did your service provide great assistance in trial preparation, but also seemed to impress my adversaries during a settlement conference with the Court. The case was soon resolved for a very favorable settlement for our client. – Steven C. Schepis Esq, Fiedler & Schepis, Pinebrook, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney


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