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Independent Medical Examination (IME)/DME

The independent medical examination (IME) or insurance medical exam or sometimes known as defense medical examination (DME), may have a crucial impact on a plaintiff’s case. If you are a plaintiff attorney, you may have concerns about sending your client to this exam without an observer.

  • Will your client get a fair examination?
  • Will your client’s nervousness interfere with communication?
  • What will you do if the doctor misrepresents the steps in the examination?

The presence of a registered nurse at the exam serves several purposes:

  • Makes your client are relaxed about being examined, knowing your representative is there
  • Offers a set of eyes and ears to watch and record details of the exam
  • Provides an independent observer who can, if needed, testify as to what occurred in the examination room

You’ll receive a report from our nurse which includes time frames for each component of the examination, the questions, and answers during the history and detailed observations of the examination. When you read this report, you’ll feel you were there – without needing to be.

Geographic areas we serve:

We have nurses nationwide to attend the indepdendent medical examination.  We also specialize in last minute rush requests!

Contact us at 908-788-8227 now to schedule our nurse to attend IME  with your client.

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