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Nurse Expert Witness

For Med Malpractice Attorneys — Retain the Best Nurse Expert Witness for Your Medical Litigation. Review C.V.’s for Free! Get objective opinion on whether nurses met standard of care when they treated patients.

For nearly three decades, Med League has has the pleasure of providing personal injury attorneys and insurance companies across the United States with some of the world’s leading nursing expert witnesses.

In fact, we are often referred to as a “one stop shop” for our clients when it comes to their nurse expert witness needs.

That’s because we have access to a solid network of thousands of highly qualified nurse expert witnesses in every sub specialty of nursing. This includes nurse practitioners and physician assistants in a wide variety of settings (such as hospitals, doctor’s office, nursing homes and correctional institutions), nurse administrators, midwifes and nursing supervisors, among many others.

Our Nurse Experts:

  • Are available nationwide;
  • Have top-tier credentials that clearly establish their credibility;
  • Are qualified to testify on numerous topics, including medication errors, failure to alert attending physicians about patient status changes, failure to properly monitor patients, and more broadly, nursing malpractice, nursing home negligence & abuse, and medical malpractice;
  • Review medical records, depositions, and other applicable documents in a timely manner (rush review is also available);
  • Review duty, breaches, harm, and causation;
  • Educate attorneys on healthcare delivery facts and issues in a medical case and the resulting outcomes;
  • Assist attorneys with case strategy development;
  • Prepare Affidavits of Merit (AOM)/Certificates of Merit (COM), verbal opinions, and written reports required for your case;
  • Provide testimony at depositions, trials, and arbitrations; and
  • Offer complete litigation support from start to finish of your case.


The Med League Process

At Med League, we understand that the success of your case is based on the quality of your experts.

The first step in the process is to engage in a free phone consultation with our in-house consultant.

We will review the facts and issues involved in your specific case – and clarify any medically-related questions.

We will then work with you to identify the expertise you require for your specific fact pattern.

Med League extensively screens and properly matches only the most qualified nurse experts to your case. This process gives your law firm the added assurance you need that your expert will qualify under the local rules in your jurisdiction.


Why A Highly Qualified Nurse Expert Witness Is Crucial To Your Case

Expert witnesses are critical in practically every phase of legal proceeding.

It’s about more than just engaging an expert witness to help you frame and argue the theory of your case before a judge or mediator in alternative dispute resolution.

Early expert engagement and consultation can provide your law firm with insight into whether there is merit in a case in the first place.

It’s also helpful during formulation of the theory of your case as the nurse expert witness can help you with strategizing your case.

What’s more, nursing expert witnesses can review a lawyer’s preliminary theory of the case and refine it with respect to testimony that should (and should not) be heard in court.

Since 1989, we have provided plaintiff and defense attorneys with highly qualified nurse expert witness nationwide.

List of Nurse Expert Witness Specialties

Nurse Expert Witness Specialties



I was able to obtain an excellent settlement for my client’s estate, despite the obvious problems of proof resulting from client’s death. You should know that it was your expert’s very complete and informative report that enabled me to obtain the settlement. I want to thank you for your excellent efforts.  David M. Foley, Esq. ,Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl , North Brunswick, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney


I give your nursing expert an A plus! She was cooperative, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I’d love to work with her again if the need arises. Thanks for a great referral. Ray Fleming, Esq. , Sachs Maitlin Fleming and Greene, West Orange, NJ ,Defense Attorney 


Your expert did an excellent job for us in connection with her evaluation of the issues and the medical/legal report.  She is very knowledgeable and through with regards to the subject matter.  David M. Foley, Esq. ,Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl , North Brunswick, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney 



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