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Other Medical Expert Witness

Other Medical Expert Witness

All Medical Expert Witness – in one place

Since 1989, we have provided plaintiff and defense attorneys with highly qualified medical expert witness nationwide.

Addiction Expert Witness
Administration Expert Witness
Adult Day Care Expert Witness
Ambulatory Admin Expert Witness
Animal Behavior Expert Witness
Billing/Coding Expert Witness
Chiropractor Expert Witness
Data Forensics Expert Witness
Dietician Expert Witness
EMT Expert Witness
EMR Expert Witness
Engineer Expert Witness
Genetic Expert Witness
Group Home Expert Witness
Lab Technician Expert Witness
Life Care Planning Expert Witness
Mammography Technician Expert Witness
Hospital Management Expert Witness
Neuropsychology Expert Witness
Occupational Expert Witness
Optometrist Expert Witness
Paramedic Expert Witness
Pathology Expert Witness
Pharmacists Expert Witness
Pharmacy Technician Expert Witness
Phlebotomy Expert Witness
Physical Therapy Expert Witness
Physician Assistant (PA) Expert Witness
Psychology Expert Witness
Radiology Expert Witness
Respiratory Therapy Expert Witness
Social Worker Expert Witness
Speech Therapy Expert Witness
Toxicology Expert Witness
Ultrasound Expert Witness
Vocational Expert Witness

Your liability report and pre-deposition pointers were the keys to my client’s case against the hospital nurses, and your medical research greatly enhanced my understanding of the techniques and complications associated with the unusual surgical procedure employed in this particular case. For these reasons alone, your organization should surely rate five stars in any attorney’s book. – Patrick X. Amoresano Esq, New Jersey Medical Malpractice Attorney, Glen Rock, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney 


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