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Physician Expert Witness Specialities

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Physician Expert Witness Services

For almost 30 years, Med League has been a leading provider of medical expert witness services to both lawyers and insurance companies across the nation.

Our clients have come to trust us with their expert witness needs. And here’s why…


Med League prides itself on the fairness and accuracy of its experts’ opinions.

Our physician experts opine on a host of litigation matters involving doctor opinions, such as causation of injury or disease, diagnosis, and reasonable treatment.


Our Medical Experts:

  • Are available across the United States;
  • Are residency-trained, board-certified physicians and specialists;
  • Have extensive private practice experience;
  • Have extensive real-world clinical experience diagnosing patients and treating conditions within their medical specialty;
  • Base their medical opinions on medical literature, scientific evidence, and clinic experience;
  • Are qualified to provide opinions on standard of care cases, evaluate disability claims, and more;
  • Provide testimony before judges, lawyers, law firms, and insurance companies at depositions, trials, and arbitrations;
  • Are thorough and unbiased,
  • Interpret and present your case in a simple manner that you, the judge, and the jury can understand
  • Review medical records, depositions, and other applicable documents in a timely manner (rush review is also available);
  • Educate attorneys on medical facts and issues in a medical case;
  • Assist attorneys with strategy development; and
  • Offer complete litigation support from start to finish of your case.


Our Medical Experts provide:

  • Depositions;
  • Trial testimony;
  • Medical record reviews, including hospital records, lab and imaging work, doctor notes, provider billing, and more;
  • Peer reviews;
  • Standard of care cases;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Evaluations of disability;
  • Medical board review;
  • Provision of independent medical exams, including the review of existing records, patient history, and provision of a detailed report; and
  • Rehabilitation planning.


The Med League Process

At Med League, we understand that the success of your medical case is determined by the quality and strength of your expert witnesses.

That’s why we’ll help you locate the well-qualified physician expert who can provide their unbiased opinion to strengthen your position on the case.

We will then match your case with only the most qualified, credentialed, top notch, and seasoned physician witness.

Our doctor expert witnesses are trained specialists that use their knowledge, skill, and experience in matters of the law. Our experts will interpret medical information and evidence in such a way that you, your client, the judge, and the jury will understand the issues and facts at play.


Why You Need A Highly Qualified Physician Expert Witness To Win Your Case

Expert witnesses are critical in practically every phase of legal proceeding.

If your case involves medical or hospital-related issues, you need a credible and accomplished medical expert witness by your side so that judges and jury members will trust that opinion.

The Med League process ensures that you will have only the most qualified, appropriate medical expert witness for your case.


Contact Us Today To Discover The Med League Difference

Your cases and clients deserve the very best physician expert witnesses available. Let us help you achieve the winning results you seek. We look forward to hearing from you.


Since 1989, we have provided plaintiff and defense attorneys with highly qualified medical expert witness nationwide.

List of Physician Expert Witness Specialties

Physician Expert Witness Specialties

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