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What’s a medical error? Part 2

What’s a medical error? Part 2


staffI was talking to my son and his girlfriend about medical errors and he asked me to define them. Here are some more cases we have handled.
See part 1 for more.

  • the oncology patient who suffered from a large extravasation of a chemotherapeutic drug;
  • the patient who fell off the operating room table because the nurse did not apply safety straps;
  • the patient whose swollen leg was not reported to the physician on the day of discharge, and who died of a pulmonary embolism shortly after discharge
  • the man who jumped through a window because the nurse did not recognize the need to start one to one supervision
  • the surgical patient diagnosed with a retained sponge despite the “correct” sponge count;
  • the nursing home patient scalded in a bathtub;
  • the psychiatric patient who had a history of suicidal ideation and attempts, who was unmonitored, left the hospital, and hung himself in the nearby woods;
  • the pediatric patient who went into respiratory distress and whose home care nurse asked his father to come home instead of following directions to call 911;
  • the nursing home patient who fractured two hips after being dropped out of a hydraulic lift by a nursing assistant, who did not report the incident;
  • the postoperative woman who experienced intra-abdominal hemorrhage and subsequent shock that went undetected by the Post Anesthesia Care Unit nurse.
  • untold numbers of pressure sore cases

It is a dangerous world.

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