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Top 12 Negotiating Tips Part 3

Top 12 Negotiating Tips Part 3

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negotiation skills, Greg Williams, The master negotiator• Don’t be too quick to stop a liar from lying. Observe the verbiage he uses and his body language. The more comfortable he becomes with his lies, the more lies he’ll tell. In so doing, he’ll give you greater insight into how he lies and why he lies. Then, you’ll know what to look for when you suspect he’s lying.

• If you’re astute at reading body language during a negotiation, you can pick up on nonverbal signals and detect a liar’s lie before he gets too deeply into it. In so doing, you will decrease the probability of being deceived.

• People lie because they’re seeking something they need at the time of the lie. In a negotiation, if you understand the need, you’ll understand the source of the lie. To assess the genuineness of disgust in your negotiation, note what has led to the display of the emotion and observe the signs that highlight the genuine emotion displayed through disgust.

• Consider mirroring negativity to stake out a position indicating you’re as repulsed as the other negotiator. Do so with caution, so as not to get into a one-upmanship with the other negotiator.

• Negativity begins in your mind, when negotiating, as in all phases of life. Give thought to the benefits of negative situations. You may surprise yourself by uncovering a diamond that first appeared to be coal.

• Display an even disposition when you negotiate, and you’re beset by negativity. Don’t bemoan negativity to the degree that you allow it to take you off track. Never let them see you sweat.

• You reach major milestones by achieving small gains. Be persistent in your attempts to achieve the goal of your negotiation and don’t be dismayed by negativity.

• Stop anytime you encounter a negotiation situation that doesn’t appeal to you. Ask the other negotiator if he meant to take the position that made you anxious. If he says, “No”, you’ve defused the situation. If he maintains the point that created the anxiety, be prepared to take appropriate actions to thwart his position.

• Depending upon the negotiation characteristics of the other person, you may consider appealing to his sense of fairness. Be sure the other negotiator perceives fairness as a worthwhile value to possess, otherwise, this ploy will be ineffective.

• Choose with whom you negotiate and seek those who negotiate in a similar style as you to gain an advantage prior to entering into a negotiation, when possible.

• When you hear the word “manipulate”, remember there could be good implied. You enhance her life if you manipulate someone for her good.

• The way you present offers affects the perception of the offer.

Greg Williams is the guest author of this blog post. This material is used with permission from a forthcoming book on negotiation skills. He is the author of the”Negotiate: Afraid ‘Know’ More” and the author of a forthcoming book on negotiation and reading body language, with an emphasis on micro expressions. Reach Greg at GregWilliams@TheMasterNegotiator.com.

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