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4 More Tips to Boost Sales by Guest Author Caryn Kopp

4 More Tips to Boost Sales by Guest Author Caryn Kopp

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guyonphonesm1. Look through your files and make a list of prospect decision-makers you’ve met, but have not closed sales with. Call to schedule meetings to discuss what is new since you last spoke, and whether there is an opportunity to work together now. Projects can come off hold and prospects can misplace your contact information. Make the most of the time you already invested in developing business. Stay in touch and be top-of-mind so when the dollars are on the table, you will be there to collect.

2. Look through your pending proposals and identify 3 strategy ideas which will move each proposal closer to a close. Choose the best one for each and execute! Here are a few suggestions. You can email the decision maker a direct question, “I want to be sure I am providing you with the support you need. Is the proposal, as outlined, exactly what you are looking for?” Another idea is to contact your prospect via email or phone noting that you would like to stop in to discuss a slight adjustment to the current proposal which provides additional benefits. Or, perhaps you can discuss a new opportunity. These strategies will help elicit a response and move your sale toward a close. (HINT: Ask for a follow up date and time when the decision-maker initially asks you for the proposal. That is when the proposal is MOST important to your client/prospect. At that moment, securing a next step is easy. Trying to get someone back on the phone to discuss it later can be time consuming and sometimes futile.)

3. Half-day HOORAY! Make calls after 2 pm on the Friday before a holiday weekend, and you will reach those hard-to-reach decision-makers without their gatekeepers answering the phone. Office staff usually goes home at 2 pm, leaving your decision-maker at the desk, relaxed and ready for your call! Were you thinking of leaving early that day? So is your competition. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity!

4. Prospect Purge. Delete prospects that don’t belong on your list. If they are not “A’s”, “B’s” or “C’s”, they aren’t worth your valuable time. This is true for referrals, as well. Just because you were given a referral doesn’t mean you should call. Spend your time on prospects you WANT to do business with. Check against your criteria and move on if it doesn’t fit. This will streamline your new business efforts with less stress and more financial success!

See this for more ideas.

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