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Six Pieces of Good News for Nursing and Patients

Six Pieces of Good News for Nursing and Patients

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parents nurse infant copyIn the January/February 2010 The American Nurse, a publication distributed to members of the American Nurses Association, President of the ANA, Rebecca Patton, shared reasons to be optimistic about nursing.

1. The growing focus on the nursing shortage and the steps towards healthcare reform have brought nursing to the fore in the minds of the nation.

2. President Obama shows exceptional concern for issues affecting nursing, as evidenced by his personal comments about the nursing faculty shortage, the overall nursing shortage, poor working conditions for nurses, and issues of low compensation. He shows an appreciation for the critical, unique role nurses perform.

3. Funding for nursing education has been increased by greater than 40 percent to a historic $243.9 million in the next budget cycle. An additional $200 million in funding was found in the stimulus package.

4. Several states are working to require nurses to have at least a bachelors of science in nursing on their 10-year anniversary of being an RN. Education matters in the safety and care of our patients. Research shows the impact of education on reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes.

5. For the eighth consecutive year, nurses have been voted the most trusted profession in America, according to Gallup’s annual survey of professions. Eighty-three percent of Americans believe nurses’ honesty and ethical standards are either high or very high.

6. This month the standard for passing the nursing licensing test is higher. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing concluded that safe and effective entry-level RN practice requires a greater level of knowledge, skills, and abilities than was required in 2007. The passing standard was increased in response to changes in US healthcare delivery and nursing practice that have resulted in the greater acuity of clients seen by entry-level RNs.

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