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Cardiology Expert Witness

Cardiology Expert Witness


As per American Board of Internal Medicine, a Cardiologist is an Internist who specializes in diseases of the heart and blood vessels and manages complex cardiac conditions, such as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology, heart attacks and life-threatening and abnormal heartbeat rhythms. Physicians who specialize in this field of medicine are called cardiologists, a specialty of internal medicine.

All cardiologists study the disorders of the heart, but the study of adult and child heart disorders are through different training pathways. Therefore, an adult cardiologist (often simply called “cardiologist”) is inadequately trained to take care of children, and pediatric cardiologists are inadequately trained to take care of adults. The surgical aspects are not included in cardiology and are in the domain of cardiothoracic surgery. For example, coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), cardiopulmonary bypass and valve replacement are surgical procedures performed by surgeons, not cardiologists. However the insertion of stents, pacemakers are performed by cardiologists.

Since the liability and damages expert must be board certified in the same specialty as the defendant, we only match a well-qualified, clinically active and extensively screened cardiology expert witness who is the best match for your case.

Med League provides highly-qualified Cardiology Expert Witness as well as other medical experts witness who can review your case. Contact Us for your next case.

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