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Doctor Group Files Suit Attacking Health Care Reform

Doctor Group Files Suit Attacking Health Care Reform

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A New Jersey doctors’ organization, New Jersey Physicians, has gone to court to block implementation of the health-care bill signed by President Obama. At least three suits were filed right after the bill was signed, claiming it was unconstitutional. Thirteen state attorneys general sued in federal court in Florida and Virginia’s attorney general sued there. The New Jersey complaint calls the new law “an unprecedented effort to collectivize health care nationally” and to “mandate that individual citizens of the sovereign states purchase insurance to pay for this collectivized health care.”

So let me get this straight. When a person lacks healthcare insurance but needs health care, we all pay a part of that bill. The costs are passed on to those of us with insurance. So what is different? Our company employees used to have healthcare insurance with a certain company, until last month. The new premium that was quoted for March 2010 to March 2011 was 33% higher than the prior 12-month contract. This increase was calculated before the passage of the healthcare reform bill. There were no changes in the number of people covered. We found a plan with a different company that was more affordable but still had a 25% jump in premium. Wouldn’t you like to raise the rates for your services by 33%?

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Physicians group said the doctors fear the new law will bring them more patients at lower rates of reimbursement, with every patient “a potential lawsuit.” This is a strange way to envision people who need health care. If healthcare providers follow the standard of care, establish rapport with their patients, answer their questions, and admit to mistakes, they don’t need to view each patient as a potential medical malpractice lawsuit. The caption under this cartoon reads: “We doctors do our best, Mr. Nyman. Nothing is more sacred to us than the doctor-plaintiff relationship.” Opponents of health care reform would have us believe this is a prevalent way of looking at patients.

Moira Mack, a White House spokeswoman, responded to the suits. “Opponents of health care reform failed in Congress and are now trying to sue the courts to get in the way of tax cuts for small businesses, expanding coverage to 32 million Americans, and ending generations of insurance company abuses. These challenges have no merit and they will not stop historic reform from taking place.”

Thirty-two million Americans will receive coverage. They will be treated for a chronic illness that cut lives short. They will be able to get prenatal care to deliver healthy babies. They will receive education on how to care for themselves. Children will receive immunizations. Think of the lives that can be saved. The scare tactics are disturbing.

Am I the only one disturbed by this? Share your thoughts.

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