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Help Your Child Not to Be Afraid of the Doctor – Tips from Med League Pediatric Nurse Expert


Many younger children are afraid to go to the doctor, even if they’ve been there a few times. There are several ways to help your child not be afraid of going to the doctor. According to our pediatric nurse experts, the top ones include:

Prepare your child beforehand

According to our pediatric nurse experts, one of the most effective ways to help your child is to educate them right before bringing them to the doctor. There are several ways you can do this, such as letting them watch a child’s show about going to the doctor’s office or get them a toy doctor kit that will give your child an idea of what to expect. The reason why you are educating your child before they go to the doctor is that they will not be scared of the unexpected.

Don’t make jokes about needles

Don’t make jokes about needles because many children have fears about them. Even if they’ve never been to the doctor, they may still be scared of needles. You’ll put your child’s mind at ease by not creating a phobia about shots or making their phobia worse.

Invest in a good mattress for them

Another thing you can do is invest in a good mattress for your child. A comfortable twin size mattress will ensure your child gets quality sleep, which can play a role in calming their nerves. Some kids end up getting cranky when they don’t get a good amount of sleep, especially in the days leading up to their doctor’s appointment. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get a quality mattress for your child as soon as possible.

Tell the truth about going to the doctor

Many parents lie to their kids about going to the doctor’s or they wait until the very last minute to tell them. If you want your child to feel more at ease, then tell them in advance that they have an appointment. Do tell them that it won’t take long and what the appointment is for. By doing this, eventually your child will be less scared about going to the doctor.

Bring  them to a good doctor

It doesn’t matter what kind of medical doctor you bring your child to, always make sure the professional is highly skilled and is good with children. As long as your child associates being treated correctly by their doctor, they won’t be that afraid. If you believe your child’s doctor is treating your child correctly, then tell your child that they are seeing a good doctor. Remind them of this in the days leading up to their appointment. They may even end up looking forward to going to the doctor.

Distract them

Children often find it easier to remain calm at the doctors when they are distracted prior to entering the exam room. For example, you can distract them while you guys are in the waiting room. The best form of distraction is letting them play with an electronic device such as a handheld game, a children’s toy, and so forth. There are other ways you can distract them, such as letting them play with toys that are located within the waiting room or you can bring a couple of toys from home. Another alternative is reading them a short-story or giving them their own book to read.

Be a good role model

Kids tend to mimic those they are closest to. In this case, that will be you. This is exactly why you should be a good role model, which means don’t start acting nervous prior to your child’s appointment. Don’t show that you’re anxious, worried, stressed, angry, or any other kind of negative emotion. If your child sees that you’re constantly in a negative mood before they go to the doctor, then they too will end up being in a negative mood.

Bring a special item from home

Does your child play with a special toy or has a favorite stuffed animal? If so, then let them bring it to the doctor’s office. A favorite item will bring them comfort while they are at their appointment. Having something from home will make things a lot less stressful for your child.

Those are the top ways to help your child be less afraid of going to the doctor. If you implement those tips soon, before you know it, your child will have no problems going to their appointments.

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