Legal Nurse Consultant: A Key to your Medical Mass Tort Practice

Legal Nurse Consultant: A Key to your Medical Mass Tort Practice

Medical Mass tort and legal nurse consultantLegal Nurse Consultant – A Key to your Medical Mass Tort Practice

Medical Mass tort is one of the practice areas, which requires long-term discipline, organization, and hours of medical research and deciphering of medical records. Legal Nurse Consultants from Med League are here to assist with your behind-the- scenes Medical-Legal solution for all Mass Tort cases.

Med League, a legal nurse consulting and medical expert witness company has an extensive array of legal nurse consultants who assist with this process. Our LNCs have been a key in providing medical expertise and case assistant to mass tort litigators nationwide. Here are a few ways we can assist with medical mass tort cases.

  • Medical Record Retrieval: Our process and our dedicated team take the worry off of you and save your precious time of the record retrieval process. Our medical record retrieval service is seamlessly integrated with our services like Organizing & Summarizing medical records, Chronology, and Timelines, Plaintiff Profile Forms & locating expert witnesses.
  • Medical Record Organization: After records are retrieved, organizing records in chronological order is the key to success in your mass tort cases. Our time-tested, proven method of organizing medical records saves frustrating hours of tedious work and in return save you money. Our e-Organizing of medical records with indexing/bookmarking can provide you with a well-organized set of electronic records that can be referred along with chronology or plaintiff profile form by hyperlinking the keywords within the records.
  • Case Chronology: After a well-organized record, a very important step in mass tort review is to create a detailed case chronology to extract the case relevant medical facts and summarize them in chronological order. A set of well-summarized records play a significant role in providing facts to the attorney at their figure tip during any stage of a case lifecycle.
  • Plaintiff Profile Forms: Our well-defined process in completing the complex medical portions of the plaintiff profile forms (PPF) helps plaintiff attorney to have the medical expertise on their side and in return very few objections from the other side, which saves hours of unbillable time.
  • Time and Cost: Our experience in the medical legal industry for over 28 years can lead a mass tort attorney to save time and money by having Med League consultant review mass tort medical records and save attorney’s valuable time to work on other important aspects of the case.

Med League provides medical expert witnesses to trial lawyers. Please call us at (908)788-8227 or contact us today to discuss your next case.

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