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Negotiate with Confidence, Not Cockiness by Guest Author Greg Williams

Negotiate with Confidence, Not Cockiness by Guest Author Greg Williams

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Some negotiators radiate a persona of confidence that directs the negotiation towards a successful outcome. Some negotiators exude cockiness, which can inject needless anxiety into the negotiation. Which negotiation style do you possess? There’s definitely a place for self-confidence when negotiating, but one should always be careful not to appear to be cocky. In order to become a successful negotiator, it is crucial for to negotiate with confidence.

A cocky attitude tends to cause the other negotiator to be less impressed with the negotiator displaying the cocky attitude and may set the need to pull the cocky negotiator off his high horse.

In essence, a cocky attitude will, in most cases, serve as an unwelcome impediment in the negotiation.
Consider implementing or using the following strategies when negotiating, to offset the appearance of appearing to be cocky …

  1. Convey a point in a negotiation with a velvet glove, instead of a sledgehammer. Always take into consideration the value of moderation and temperament when you convey your sentiments.
  2. Humor is another way to display confidence, especially if you point it at yourself. Don’t use humor in an inappropriate way. If an attempt at humor is perceived to be inappropriate, it will degrade the negotiator using it and the negotiation.
  3. People tend to trust people who display concern for them. When they hurt, they want to know others hurt with them. If you display empathy and confidence at the same time, you will create a dynamic combination that will completely unarm most negotiators.

Understand in life, our self-confidence creates our reality; in so doing, it shapes the perception that others have of our reality. When displaying confidence during negotiations, we lend outward appearance to that reality.

If you balance the display of self-confidence against the outward appearance of cockiness and keep the display of cockiness in check, you’ll be perceived as a more amenable negotiator and one that people will be able to deal with in an upfront manner. The other negotiator will appreciate your negotiation positions; you’ll also project the appearance of someone that has control of the negotiations, which will cause the other negotiator to be less challenging.

When you display confidence, you’ll be adorned with a benefit that you can use shepherd the negotiation towards the successful outcome you seek … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are …

  • In most cases, when negotiating, leave cockiness at the door. It may serve you well in other arenas, but it won’t provide a lot of assistance to you when negotiating.
  • Confidence injects vitality into a negotiation. Instill confidence in yourself before attempting to instill it into a negotiation.
  • During negotiations, don’t allow the swagger of the other negotiator to bait you into weakening your confidence and be careful not to allow someone’s display of cockiness to cause cockiness to in you.

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