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Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist Expert Witness

Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist Expert Witness

An advanced practice hospitalist nurse (nurse practitioner) manages the care of patients hospitalized with complex acute health problems, such as trauma, cancer, diabetes, surgical patients, coronary artery disease and emergency room patients and provides services including admit, care for and discharge patients in the hospitals. Nurse practitioners are also able to respond to the changing health care needs of a geographic region. Nurse practitioners regularly assess, diagnose, and treat common predictable conditions experienced through a patient’s lifespan – these basic abilities are key to providing solid expert witness testimonies that are complete, accurate, and comprehensive. In addition to the services above, Nurse practitioner hospital expert witnesses also perform procedures based on hospital privileges and prescribe mediations and interventions. Nurse practitioners also perform procedures based on hospital privileges and prescribe medications and interventions. Our Hospital Nurse Practitioner experts have years of experience in working in these settings.

Our nurse practitioner expert witnesses practice nursing in collaborative settings while giving patients the autonomy they deserve, offering a wealth of experience in court settings- with practical knowledge of the medical system and theoretical experience.

Our nurse expert witnesses are equipped with premium skills and knowledge to take the lead in responding to national health care issues.

Our Nurse Practitioner Expert Witnesses have the following expertise:

  • The ability to provide advanced health assessments across a patients’ lifespan
  • The ability to provide a qualified report on research and evidence-based areas of practice
  • Expertise in pharmacology
  • Expertise in therapeutics and primary care
  • Advanced expertise in clinical procedures in primary care settings
  • Knowledge of pathophysiological processes

Our nurse practitioner experts can provide advanced health assessments for any case.

Most of our experts have had extensive court room experience. In many cases, our experts provide professional medical reports and affidavits on special request.

Our Nurse Practitioners offer expert witness testimony in a number of areas:

  • Addiction
  • Adult care
  • Corrections
  • Critical care
  • Dementia
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency room undertakings
  • Family relationships
  • Geriatric care
  • Internal medicine knowledge
  • General medical/hospitalist care
  • Long-term health care
  • Neonatal care
  • Neurosurgery

In addition to having hospitalist knowledge of medical procedures, our nurse practitioner experts have the educational experience to back up their expertise.  Our experts often have Bachelors in Science (Nursing) degrees, Masters degrees in nursing, and in many cases, PhDs in nursing.

Our experts have also published their research in American medical journals and international journals. Published journal articles in peer-reviewed journals bolster the credibility of our experts and we gladly showcase their skills to demonstrate proficiency and experience in the courtroom.

Our experts have won medical awards of service, general service awards, and have participated in various health care foundation initiatives.

The research interests of our experts cover a wide spectrum of interest areas including private practice areas with youth and older adults. Some of our experts have longstanding experience in long-term residential health care, and experience with individuals with intellectual disabilities and with critical ethnography. Most of our experts are committed to holistic-based research principles through active community engagement, supervisory roles with their research students, and medical partnerships throughout the USA and across the globe.

Whether you’re a personal injury attorney, civil litigation attorney, appellate attorney or otherwise, we understand the nuances of good expert testimony. Expert testimony relies on experience (actual and perceived), stature within the medical community, education, publications, and overall credibility.

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