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The Rapid Growth of the Older Population

The Rapid Growth of the Older Population

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According to the American Association of Retired people (AARP), who collected information about the growing older population, there are 10 key findings that affect provision of long-term care services:

  1. V3013005GThe population age 85 or old – the age group that is most likely to need long-term care services- is growing at a dramatic rate.
  2. The older population is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before.
  3. The older population is financially and socially diverse.
  4. Family caregivers are the main providers of long-term care services in all states.
  5. Older people with disabilities have a growing array of service options, but the services are costly and can deplete life savings of older households.
  6. Nursing facility residents, beds, and occupancy rates have remained nearly constant over the last five years, despite an increase in older population.
  7. The bulk of Medicaid long-term care dollars goes to nursing homes rather than home and community-based services.
  8. The number of older people and adults with physical disabilities receiving Medicaid-funded home and community-based services has increased over the past five years.
  9.  Long-term care spending is not the primary cause of Medicaid spending growth.
  10. On average, Medicaid dollars can support nearly three older people and adults with physical disabilities in home and community-based settings for every person in a nursing facility.

Clearly, the nursing home care is expensive and the quality of care delivered in long-term care and subacute beds affects a large portion of the population either directly (as patients) or indirectly (as relatives of patients). With the aging of the baby boomers, it can be anticipated that this level of care will become a more important factor in health care.

Source: Houser, A., Fox-Grage, W., and Gibson, M. Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care and Independent Living, Washington, DC, AARP, 2009

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