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Ophthalmologist Surgeon Expert Witness Retained on a Cataract Surgery gone wrong case

Ophthalmologist Surgeon Expert Witness Retained on a Cataract Surgery gone wrong case

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Case Scenario:

A well-qualified Ophthalmologist surgeon expert witness was retained on a case where the Ophthalmologist failed to correctly place the lens resulting in floaters, blurred vision, and increased pressure in the eyes, causing the patient immense pain & suffering.

Ophthalmology Surgeon

Ophthalmology Surgeon

Med League’s Ophthalmologist surgeon expert witness, who specializes in all aspects of Ophthalmology surgery & patient care, was retained to provide an independent review of the standards of care provided by the operating surgeon.

Ophthalmology Surgeon Experts are doctors who provide care for patients, diagnosing, and treating injuries, infections, diseases, and disorders of the eye. Ophthalmologists treat patients either with oral medications, topical medication (like drops or creams applied directly to the eyes), operating, using cryotherapy (freezing) or chemotherapy depending on the situation. Ophthalmologists are surgeons that specialize in one or more of the many different subspecialties. The most common surgery performed by an Ophthalmologist is LASIK, which is using a laser to reshape the cornea to correct myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness) and astigmatism.

Ophthalmology Surgeon Experts witness has over 20 years of experience treating various ailments of the eyes spanning different age groups.  Ophthalmology surgeon expert is a Crisis Manager and is proficient in emergencies. This expert currently lives in Virginia and is available to consult on your next labor and delivery case nationwide.

Med League is a legal nurse consulting company assisting attorneys nationwide providing highly qualified, clinically active Ophthalmology Surgeon expert witness as well as other medical care expert witnessesContact Med League today to discuss your next case!


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