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On the Way it Should Be: Our Sense of Order

On the Way it Should Be: Our Sense of Order

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We all grow up with an understanding of how the world is supposed to work. There are some things that strike us as wrong and violate our sense of order.

For example, I believe cars should stay on roads. My friend Dona Ramsey was driving through the Rockies between Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado when she saw a car race occurring on a frozen lake. As my friend Kevin Hacke from Smith Bucklin in Chicago said, “That is wrong on so many levels.”

Why would you disturb the pristine beauty of a frozen lake? Why would you take a chance that your car would end up in the water? Racing cars on ice strikes me the same way driving cars on sand does.

Daytona Beach, FL and a city in California, which I have mercifully blocked out of my mind, are the two places I have seen cars driving on the sand. Admittedly, the sand is heavily packed. But there is something so wrong about inhaling car fumes while you are sitting on the beach. This Jersey girl thinks cars belong on the road and not on lakes or beaches.

Here’s another concern. My Hingham, Mass friend Barbara Levin saw a photograph of someone who organized her books according to color. All of the blue books were together; all of the red books were grouped together and so on.

Those of us who respect books and allocate space for them in our lives may be struck dumb by such an idea. We have 6 bookcases in our house. The books are arranged by category and alphabetically within the category.

I’ve never considered books as decorative items that should be arranged in a pallet of colors. However, I acknowledge that it is the ability of others to see life very differently than I do that makes life interesting. In a few weeks, I will be going to my favorite craft show and will admire the ability to use talent to come up with unusual ways to create objects. And you can count on the fact that I will be driving on roads to get to the craft show.

What have you seen that violates your sense of order? Send us a comment.

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