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Pain and Suffering AnalysisEvaluating Non-economic Damages takes special expertise and an accurate pain and suffering analysis

Explaining conscious pain and suffering is often complex. We clearly detail how your client’s life has changed post-incident, considering their injuries and required treatment. This analysis can be used during pre-suit to influence early settlement, to provoke a higher settlement later on or as a basis for expert fact testimony.

Let Med League nurses do the work for you.

  • A detailed illustrated report that you can provide to your adversary summarizing the patient’s conscious pain and suffering.
  • A report which identifies the losses, explains the medical details, activities of daily living, psychosocial impairments, and cognitive function in simple terms understandable to a non-healthcare provider.
  • A medical expert* witness prepared to testify at trial to explain what the patient went through based on the medical records.
  • Explanation of the injuries, their treatment, and their impact on your client’s daily function.

*This fact witness role is supported by Federal Rules of Evidence 702, 803 and 1006.