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Pain and Suffering Award to Woman Run Over by Bus

Pain and Suffering Award to Woman Run Over by Bus

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What would a jury award to a woman run over by a bus?

What would a jury award to a woman run over by a bus?

How much money would a jury award to a woman who was run over by a bus? Her bag got caught in the door of the bus. When the rescue squad got to the scene, she was lying in the snow on the side of the road. She said she was struck in the back by a transit bus and thrown to the side of the road. She remembered being struck and then a police officer talking to her.

She was alert and did not lose consciousness. She had a perfect Glasgow Score of 15: she was oriented (she knew who she was, where she was and the date), and could move her arms and legs.

The bus crushed her pelvis. Although the orthopedic surgeons operated on her for several hours, there were still areas of her pelvis that they could not fix, resulting in bones that did not unite together.

My role was to write a comprehensive report that summarized many surgeries and 9 months of hospital and rehabilitation facility care. My report was 80 pages long, including exhibits and illustrations.

Although the plaintiff attorney focused on the highlights, it still took 3 hours for my direct examination.

This woman experienced tremendous pain and suffering. But would the jury relate to her? She was an HIV-positive IV drug user.

The result? Here are my client’s words:

Thank you for your invaluable assistance in working on this file. We are pleased to tell you that the jury awarded $17 million including $12 million for pain and suffering after our client suffered devastating injuries. Your testimony vividly helped the jury understand the depth of our client’s suffering. Perhaps more importantly, with over 2500 pages of medical records, your report was the best quick reference guide we could have had. We used it again and again, both in preparation for trial and during the trial.

I am particularly grateful for your help in locating a key piece of medical documentation with only 15 minutes before we had to cross-examine the opposing expert. Your detailed description led us to the key record we needed to refute his claim.

We are very pleased with the verdict and your help with this complex case.

Very truly,

William Greenberg, Esq.
Lawrence Minasian, Esq.
Greenberg Minasian, LLC

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