Pediatric Nurse Expert Witness Retained

Pediatric Nurse Expert Witness Retained

Case Scenario:

A well-qualified Pediatric nurse expert witness was retained on a case where the defending Pediatric nurse failed to alert the physicians of the worsening condition of the patient. Resulting in a detailed diagnosis and death.

Med League’s Pediatric nurse expert witness, who specializes in all aspect of Pediatrics, was retained to provide an independent review of the standards of care provided by the nursing staff.

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Pediatric Nurse Expert WitnessA Pediatric Nurse Expert Witness is an RN or an CPN. Pediatric Nurses specialize in caring for patients/children from birth up to adolescence.

Pediatric nurses provide comprehensive healthcare by evaluating and documenting patient symptoms, checking their vital signs, completing diagnostic tests, administering medication, drawing blood, giving vaccinations, educating parents about the child’s health or injury or illness.

Pediatric Nurses have tremendous patience and compassion, their aim is to provide their patients an overall positive experience and help them through what may be perceived as an intimidating situation.

This makes them exceptional communicators and gatherers of information from children. Pediatric nurses often are very creative and use various techniques to comfort and win the trust of their patients. They possess great time management skills; dealing with children can be time consuming and demanding; they’re expert at juggling patients and administrative duties. Their work can be often challenging yet rewarding as well.

Pediatric Nurses also educate and develop a care plan for the family about healthcare needs of a chronically ill, differently abled and/or a child recovering from a surgery.

Kind of cases a Pediatric Nurse Expert Witness can assist with:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medical Negligence
  • Standard of Care
  • Life Care Plan
  • Brain Injury
  • Drug Abuse/Addiction

Most of Pediatric Nurse Expert Witness are certified in:

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