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Being Prepared for Objections

Being Prepared for Objections

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male atty shake hands smNew business and expansion of business is dependent in part on being able to address objections.

One thing I can tell you about objections. If you can’t overcome them, you’ll never close the sale. Here are 3 tips to stay in control so you can get to the next step.

Tip 1. Identify all the objections you will face and then develop answers to overcome them (before you’re ever on the phone with someone)

Tip 2. Practice the answers until they don’t sound rehearsed.

Tip 3. Couple every response with a request for the next step. Which sounds like this. I understand you’re busy. Let’s look a little further out on the calendar, say the 3rd week of next month? How’s Thursday at 10?

If you’re prepared, rehearsed and request next steps, the sales cycle takes less time.

Next Step to Yes!

You can shorten the sales cycle with what I call Next Step to Yes! Ask for a next step during every contact point with a customer or prospect. Here’s an example. When a prospect asks for a proposal, secure a follow update and time right there and then, at the moment when it’s most important. You can avoid all that wasted time trying to get them back on the phone.

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