Chronology and Timelines

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Developing Case Chronologies

Save time, improve productivity, and free up your law firm’s staff. A case chronology helps you quickly and easily understand the sequence of events, injuries, illnesses, and treatment.  Do you need rapid access to data? You will receive a medical summary which provides a snapshot of the plaintiff’s injuries and treatment in layperson’s terms. We’ll identify the pre-existing conditions, and uncover potential problems with the client and case.

Preparing Timelines

Timelines are invaluable whenever the trier of fact will be expected to understand a sequence of events.  Facilitate settlement of cases by understanding the details of events and treatment. Our timelines are used as demonstrative evidence to help the jury or adjuster comprehend the scope of medical care.


Hyperlinks allow quick navigation from Medical summaries, Chronology, and timelines to corresponding source pages of the medical record. Hyperlinking service is included for all electronic records (PDF) at no additional cost to you.


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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you furnished me in my recent medical malpractice case. The charts and medical illustrations created by your staff were excellent and I am sure contributed to a very favorable settlement.

In addition, your medical summary and timeline helped me enormously to understand the many medical problems generated by the facts of the case.

I heartily recommend your services to anyone who seeks to comprehend the complexities of a medical malpractice case and utilize your creativity in helping to organize the material and develop outstanding demonstrative evidence. I would not hesitate to call upon your services in the future.
Marvin Pincus Esq, LaBovick Law Firm, West Palm Beach, FL, Plaintiff Attorney




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