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Nursing Home Nurse Expert Witness

Nursing Home Nurse Expert Witness

Nursing Home Nurse Expert Witness

Nursing Home Nurse ExpertNursing Home Nurse Expert is registered nurses who specialize in the caring for elderly patients who need 24-hour supervision and assistance. The responsibilities of a Nursing Home Nurse expert include but are not restricted to daily living activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, toileting; monitoring and recording vital signs, reporting any change in skin condition like deterioration or ulcer formation due to prolonged periods of immobility and/or being bed ridden, administrating medications, making fall assessments, assisting patients ambulate as per the orders of the physical therapist.

Nursing Home Nurse Expert is trained and have extensive knowledge and education regarding the importance of quality of life and are also knowledgeable about industry standards including CMS, Medicare and Medicaid Standards of Care. Nursing Home Care Nurse is also responsible for educating and providing emotional assistance to the patient and their family. They are compassionate, committed, caring and empathetic individuals with a natural ability and skill to ensure patient comfort.





Cases Our Nursing Home Nurse Expert can assist with:

  1. Standard of Nursing Care
  2. Injury Assessment and Prevention
  3. Negligence
  4. Pressure Sores
  5. Pressure Ulcers
  6. Life Expectancy
  7. Functional Decline
  8. Elder Abuse and Neglect
  9. Plan of Care
  10. Wrongful Death
  11. Medication Errors
  12. MDS Coordination Issues
  13. Assisted Living
  14. Group Homes

Nursing Home Nurses work in independent living facilities, assisted living communities, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities. We can locate Nursing Home Care Nurses Experts witness anywhere in the country.

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