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Her Son, Her Soldier, Her Hero: We Thank the Military

Her Son, Her Soldier, Her Hero: We Thank the Military

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army hatMy husband and I recently went to a family gathering at my sister’s home outside Atlanta, GA. We flew in and out of Atlanta International Airport. In the midst of all the confusion and hustle bustle in the airport, I noticed that there were many men and women in the armed forces in uniform. They were undoubtedly headed out to serve our country.

While we were on the monorail, I noticed a woman looking lovingly at the tall young soldier, with a newly buzzed haircut. Her T-shirt said, “my son, my soldier, my hero.”

From across the monorail car, you could see that she was bravely trying to keep the conversation light, with occasional giggles, but her eyes said it all…she was sending her young son somewhere far away across the world; somewhere she could no longer protect him. Although she was obviously filled with pride, you could see that her heart was breaking.

The young soldier had the look of someone who had never been away from home. His backpack and duffel were overstuffed with necessary clothes and supplies…and most likely something to make him think of home and family, particularly at those times when he felt alone and scared.

What an outstanding gift the members of our military and their families give us each and every day. They willingly disrupt their lives, and often put their lives at risk, so that we can enjoy the privilege of living in freedom in the most amazing country in the world. We can never thank them enough.

Our home is on the Raritan Bay in NJ. We look directly across at the Freedom Tower that is now in the footprint of the World Trade Center. I was walking my dog on a beautiful, sunny day after returning from Atlanta. My attention was drawn to the Freedom Tower.

It seemed incomprehensible to me that the atrocity of 9/11 was so close to the peace of my home. I thought of that young soldier and his mother and wondered if he was somewhere safe.

I didn’t even realize that I was singing God Bless America as I walked along the bay that day.

Thank you to all those who give so much to keep us safe…

Jane Heron RN MBA LNCC is a legal nurse consultant at Med League.

Med League provides medical expert witnesses to trial lawyers. Please call us at (908)788-8227 or contact us today to discuss your next case.

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