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Defense Medical Exam Nurse Observer


What is DME Nurse Observer?

Insurance Medical Exam (IME) and Defense Medical Exam (DME) are commonly called for in a Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury or sometimes in Medical Malpractice cases. When the physical or mental condition of a party is in controversy an IME/DME is requested.

An attorney will often prepare their client in such situations. They will educate the client as to what to expect and how to conduct themselves during the IME/DME.

Most clients are apprehensive about being examined and scrutinized by a doctor who is hired by the insurance company to try and sow seeds of doubt on a client’s complaint. The clients are easily intimidated by this thought and at times the IME/DME doctor will try to intimidate them further, thus adding to a client’s anxiety levels.

Why have Med League’s DME Nurse Observer attend the exam with your clientDME Nurse Observer

The most effective way to ease a client’s anxiety and apprehension is to have an Independent Nurse Observer present at the IME/DME. An Independent Nurse Observer’s job responsibility includes:

Information we will need to match DME Nurse Observer:

Med League has a team of excellent, highly experienced, and qualified Independent Nurse Observers covering all 50 states. All you have to do is contact us with the following information:

Types of Cases a DME Nurse Observer can assist with:

Contact us, We can help!

Med League can assist attorneys with a well-qualified and experienced Independent Nurse Observer expert who can provide a written report, transcripts, recordings if permissible and testify if called upon to do so. Please call us (908-788-8227) or send us email at ( contact us today to retain our DME nurse observer on your next case!