Mammography Technician Expert Witness

Mammography Technician Expert Witness

Mammography Technician Expert Witness are radiologist who specialize in utilizing low dose x-rays to perform diagnostic imaging exams of breast under the guidance and supervision of a physician.  Mammography Technician take mammography images of patients who either come in for routine screenings, or who may have a lump or signs of breast cancer. Mammography Technicians explain the process and procedure to the patients, position and immobilize the patient’s breast and observe the scanning process. They monitor the video display of the area being scanned and adjust the density or contrast to improve the quality of the picture. Mammography Technicians will review and evaluate the image to ensure that it is satisfactory for the purpose of diagnosis.

Mammography Technicians are trained and highly skilled in utilizing radiation and adhere to the strict safety measures in compliance with government regulations so as to ensure the safety of the patients, the staff and themselves. Mammograms are personal and sometimes frightening for the patients, therefore, Mammography Technicians are very sensitive and compassionate. They ensure that the patient is at ease and comfortable prior to commencing the exam. They patiently answer all and any questions that the patient may have regarding the exam.

Some of the major responsibilities of a Mammography Technician are: –

  • Maintain diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Positioning patients for the exam
  • Advising and supporting patients
  • Protecting patient, staff, and self from harmful exposure to radiation
  • Following physician’s order to get accurate image capture
  • Evaluate images for clarity and accuracy
  • Maintain patient records.

Mammography Technicians primarily work at hospital or diagnostic center.

Kind of Cases our Mammography Technician Expert can assist with: –

  • Delay in Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Personal Injury
  • Incorrect Diagnosis
  • Standard of Care

Med League can assist attorneys with a well-qualified Mammography Technician expert who specializes in every aspect of SANE. Our experts can provide Affidavit of Merit, Verbal Opinions, Expert Reports and give Testimony.

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