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Demonstrative Evidence

Almost every case can benefit from demonstrative evidence used during opening statement, as visual support during testimony, or during closing argument. We offer a variety of demonstrative evidence to help you win your case, including:

Demonstrative Evidence Includes

  • Free phone consultation/review of your case with our in-house legal nurse consultant.
  • Our nursing staff will review the facts of your case, understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.
  • We will prepare the graphical presentation of data which is in exceptional quality and simple for the jury to understand.
  • We will develop medical illustrations based on injury.
  • Our timelines facilitate settlement of cases by understanding the details of the events and treatment.

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The exhibits you provided charting her intramuscular injections, from her admission date through her discharge date, with the medication key chart were extremely helpful. Your reading of the pain medication chart, and transplanting those readings into dates, times and locations of the intramuscular injections, and transposing them into a female anatomy was equally impressive. (The Suffolk County case settled on the fourth day of trial for $625,000.)  – Louis Solimano Esq, Law Offices of William Gallina, New York, Plaintiff Attorney 


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