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Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consultant

Searching for a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is an individual with expertise in both nursing and the law. Our  experienced nurse assists attorneys involved in the litigation process by acting as a bridge between the worlds of law and medicine. Our legal nurse consultant can help attorneys by spotting the information in the medical record that has a direct bearing on the lawsuit. We can help you with any aspect of litigation when medical issues have to be identified, such as personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, products liability, employment law involving healthcare professionals, or toxic tort claims. Legal nurse consultants also work with attorneys who handle criminal or matrimonial cases.

Medical malpractice cases are among the most complex and costly in the plaintiff personal injury law firm. Careful screening of these cases will avoid much fruitless work and expense. Save time and money by letting Med League’s experts screen medical malpractice cases for merit.

 What is Case Screening?

  • Even before getting medical records, We can interview potential plaintiffs and provide you with recommendations concerning whether it is appropriate to go to the next step of obtaining medical records.
  • A physician or a nurse consultant will review preliminary  information, questionnaire and medical records  of the plaintiff.
  • The screening would look at both damages as well as potential malpractice on the part of the prescribing doctor.
  • If the case does not have merit from a medical standpoint, we will provide an oral report or a brief summary of why the case does not have merit.

 How can we help?

  • Our nursing staff will review the facts of your case,  understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions. There are no fees for the initial call consultation.
  • Our physicians and nurse consultants provide an opinion based on their years of experience in screening medical malpractice cases.
  • Our physicians and nurse consultants review cases involving most areas of medicine.
  • We can develop a medical questionnaire that can be used to interview the potential plaintiff to help you select the cases with damages that meet your criteria for an acceptable case.


Thanks to you and your staff for all of the help you have given me over the last year in the various medical/legal matters which I am handling. I really appreciate the professional manner in which you deal with my cases and the experts whom you recommend. I have been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of your service. Keep up the good work!. – Francis E. Baldo Jr. Esq, Baldo Law Offices, Media, PA, Plaintiff Attorney


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Developing Case Chronologies

Save time, improve productivity, and free up your law firm’s staff. A case chronology helps you quickly and easily understand the sequence of events, injuries, illnesses, and treatment.  Do you need rapid access to data? You will receive a medical summary which provides a snapshot of the plaintiff’s injuries and treatment in layperson’s terms. We’ll identify the pre-existing conditions, and uncover potential problems with the client and case.

Preparing Timelines

Timelines are invaluable whenever the trier of fact will be expected to understand a sequence of events.  Facilitate settlement of cases by understanding the details of events and treatment. Our timelines are used as demonstrative evidence to help the jury or adjuster comprehend the scope of medical care.


Hyperlinks allow quick navigation from Medical summaries, Chronology, and timelines to corresponding source pages of the medical record. Hyperlinking service is included for all electronic records (PDF) at no additional cost to you.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance you furnished me in my recent medical malpractice case. The charts and medical illustrations created by your staff were excellent and I am sure contributed to a very favorable settlement.

In addition, your medical summary and timeline helped me enormously to understand the many medical problems generated by the facts of the case.

I heartily recommend your services to anyone who seeks to comprehend the complexities of a medical malpractice case and utilize your creativity in helping to organize the material and develop outstanding demonstrative evidence. I would not hesitate to call upon your services in the future.
Marvin Pincus Esq, LaBovick Law Firm, West Palm Beach, FL, Plaintiff Attorney


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Organizing medical records

Increase your productivity and save time by asking Med League to organize the medical file. This permits you to have quick access to information and identifies key missing records which can be crucial to a case while there is still time to obtain these documents.


  • We use hospital or nursing home chart dividers from a hospital supplier or a legal supplier. The most economical dividers are made of heavy paper with plastic coated tabs that mark the various sections of the chart.
  • We start at the top of the stack and place the pages into piles that correspond with each divider. Once each paper is sorted into the right category, each section is organized in chronological order, starting with the first day of the admission and so on.
  • We use our nursing knowledge to identify pages that are missing, out of order, and undated, and make every effort to correctly place the page.
  • Some of our clients request an organized set to be duplicated and returned to them. This permits the attorney and expert to have identical sets, and eases communication about specific pages in the record.
  • We place the duplicated copies of the record in three ring binders organized with the hospital chart dividers.
  • Since your set of records and the expert’s will be identical, it will be easy to discuss the case and refer to specific page numbers.

Summarizing medical records / Medical Summary /  Medical Synopsis

The pressure is on you to settle cases as effectively and quickly as possible. When you are juggling multiple files, the effort involved in keeping track of your client’s injuries and medical records can turn the easiest case into a complex one. Everything from coding to medical transcription needs to be correctly performed.


  • Medical summaries provide an essential tool for the resolution of personal injury cases.
  •  A medical summary is prepared by our legal nurse consultant for use by the attorney in settling cases.
  • The summary concisely describes the accident, the mechanism of injury and the immediate care provided at the scene and in the emergency room.
  • The records of hospital stay and of subsequent treating physicians are summarized, along with the results of diagnostic testing.
  • The treating physicians’ comments regarding causation of the injuries, prognosis, and permanency are included in a medical summary.
  • We can also list the medical expenses as part of the medical summary.
  •  A separate letter to the attorney points out the missing records, red flags, and problematic medical issues.
  • Our medical summaries are enhanced with tables and charts, which are among the most cost-effective exhibits.




As you may recall, Mr. _____’s medical records were submitted to your company, Med League , to be organized. I had forwarded down to you, one large box of medical records, in no specific order and received back, two separate binders of well organized medical records in chronological order. Not only did your service provide great assistance in trial preparation, but also seemed to impress my adversaries during a settlement conference with the Court. The case was soon resolved for a very favorable settlement for our client. – Steven C. Schepis Esq, Fiedler & Schepis, Pinebrook, NJ, Plaintiff Attorney


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Independent Medical Examination (IME)/Defense Medical Exam (DME)

The independent medical examination (IME) or insurance medical exam, also known as defense medical examination (DME), may have a crucial impact on a plaintiff’s case. If you are a plaintiff attorney, you may have concerns about sending your client to this exam without an observer.

  • Will your client get a fair examination?
  • Will your client’s nervousness interfere with communication?
  • What will you do if the doctor misrepresents the steps in the examination?

The presence of a registered nurse at the exam serves several purposes:

  • Makes your client are relaxed about being examined, knowing your representative is there
  • Offers a set of eyes and ears to watch and record details of the exam
  • Provides an independent observer who can, if needed, testify as to what occurred in the examination room

Expert Nurses at IMEs will be able to:

  • Apply their knowledge of nursing theory and practice with the IME practitioner’s methods
  • Use their knowledge and understanding of medical health to make note of how the IME practitioner is recording the IME.
  • Communicate with the IME practitioner effectively, in possibly raising any objections
  • Organize his or her notes in a way that can easily be compared with the IME practitioner’s report

Nurses are  also expertly trained to assist patients with culturally sensitive needs. If your client has religious needs, cultural needs, or other personal needs, a nurse in attendance of the examination can provide professional support.

Our expert nurses come from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to provide barrier-free services to clients whom they work with. Our nurses will accommodate your client during all phases of the IME and evaluation process. Our nurses are also highly skilled to deal with clients with disabilities.

Having an expert nurse attend an IME will also allow you to allow the expert nurse to provide supporting information on prevention, care, and the treatment and support of acute medical conditions that plaintiffs sometimes suffer from.

Our Expert Nurses:

  • Work with your client in a manner that demonstrates integrity and respect
  • Our expert nurses are fully conversant in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Hindi. If your client has a special language requirement, please let us know and we will do our best to find an expert nurse that meets your requirements.
  • Our expert nurses consider their medical choices very carefully by weighing medical knowledge and clearly understanding the unique situation of your client
  • Our expert nurses work diligently and effectively with attorneys. We understand that personal injury cases and various other cases often have tight deadlines. Our expert nurses will provide professional reports that will either support an IME or counter it with their own findings
  • Our expert nurses show initiative in everything they do. If you believe an IME may highlight a specific finding in your plaintiff’s case, our expert nurse will make note of the fact while remaining professional and objective at all times.
  • Our expert nurses have the professional ability to communicate succinctly and verbally.

Med League is on a professional mission and mandate to provide top quality expert nurses.  By providing top firms, attorneys and solo practitioners with access to quality nurse experts, our services improve the chances of bolstering your court case with precision and authority.

Med League’s services are a crucial component to building a case as they provide the medical authority needed to demonstrate injuries, events, causation, and in some cases, a lack of culpability for your client. Our expert nurses have the requisite experience in working with attorneys and in conducting themselves in an efficient matter to prepare for a conference hearing, trial, or medical report. Our nurse experts provide a definite advantage over any other party that does not have the same medical authority on their side.

You’ll receive a report from our nurse which includes time frames for each component of the examination, the questions, and answers during the history and detailed observations of the examination. When you read this report, you’ll feel you were there.

Geographic areas we serve:

We have nurses nationwide to attend the independent medical examination.  We also specialize in last minute rush requests!

Contact us at 908-788-8227 now to schedule our nurse to attend IME with your client.

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Increase your success in winning case with authoritative medical literature related to the facts of the case. Literature search help you to identify non-meritorious cases or support your client’s position and can be used to cross-examine an expert. At Med League we have experiance and expertise in researching authoritative medical, nursing, and scientific literature and uncovering information critical to the success of a medical legal case.

Medical Literature Search Includes

  • Free phone consultation/review of your case with our in-house legal nurse consultant.
  • Our nursing staff will review the facts of your case, understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.
  • We will conduct a meticulous search of the medical literature relevant to your case.
  • We go beyond a basic Medline search in order to surface a theoretical foundation for a strong medical legal case.
  • We will provide authoritative literature that will hold credibility in Court.

Contact us now to discuss your case.

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Almost every case can benefit from demonstrative evidence used during opening statement, as visual support during testimony, or during closing argument. We offer a variety of demonstrative evidence to help you win your case, including:

Demonstrative Evidence Includes

  • Free phone consultation/review of your case with our in-house legal nurse consultant.
  • Our nursing staff will review the facts of your case, understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.
  • We will prepare the graphical presentation of data which is in exceptional quality and simple for the jury to understand.
  • We will develop medical illustrations based on injury.
  • Our timelines facilitate settlement of cases by understanding the details of the events and treatment.

Contact us now to discuss your case.

The exhibits you provided charting her intramuscular injections, from her admission date through her discharge date, with the medication key chart were extremely helpful. Your reading of the pain medication chart, and transplanting those readings into dates, times and locations of the intramuscular injections, and transposing them into a female anatomy was equally impressive. (The Suffolk County case settled on the fourth day of trial for $625,000.)  – Louis Solimano Esq, Law Offices of William Gallina, New York, Plaintiff Attorney 


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What if I were to tell you not every Legal Nurse Consultant is qualified to review your birth injury cases, would you be surprised? To properly analyze and provide a detailed evaluation of the medical records, the Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant must have many years of bedside experience and specialized skills. Med League’s Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant team collectively provides more than 400 years of bedside Labor & Delivery, NICU, OB/GYN experience. 

They hold credentials in Fetal Monitoring Strip annotations (C-EFM), Certified OB nurses (RNC-OB), Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Baby Crying after birth Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant

How Med League’s Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant can help to screen you Birth Injury case:


  • Failure to notify the doctor/midwife of maternal/fetal changes in a timely manner.
  • Failure to administer Pitocin appropriately
  • Failure to recognize/or intervene to the signs of fetal distress.
  • Failure to timely recognize the risk for shoulder dystocia and implement the appropriate maneuvers.
  • Improper usage of vacuum or forceps during delivery.
  • Use of unnecessary force during delivery.
  • Failure to appropriately monitor maternal and fetal infections.


  • Prenatal records- ultrasounds, history
  • What was the estimated fetal weight?
  • Were there risks to indicate an alternative mode of delivery should have been offered?
  • Was labor spontaneous or induced?
  • Pitocin initiation, rate adjustments, and discontinuation in response to signs of fetal distress.
  • Identifying potential risks of hypoxia in the timeline.
  • Was fetal resuscitation performed per NRP guidelines?
  • Was a cord gas obtained in a timely manner?
  • Was the provider notified in a timely manner?
  • What was the providers location at the time of notification?
  • Was the fetal monitoring tracing interpreted correctly?
  • Were interventions indicated and performed in a timely manner?
  • Was a shoulder dystocia called out?
  • Was extra help called for?
  • What positions were attempted to resolve the dystocia?
    • Are there any discrepancies in documentation?
    • Audit trails. Inconsistencies in documentation.
    • … and so much more 

Types of Cases Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant can assist

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)

Perinatal Asphyxia/Hypoxia

Cerebral Palsy

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and cerebral palsy cases are the most difficult to prove. Our legal nurse consultants are experienced with over 500 cases reviewed in just last year alone. They will be able to give you a thumbs up/down review so you can make an informed decision to take this case or not.


  • Environmental
  • Maternal Hx
  • Placental Issues
  • Medication
  • Ultrasounds


FMS – Fetal Monitoring Strips 

  • Pitocin – include times, rates, increase in presence of decels?
  • Their narrative
  • Intrauterine resuscitation? If none done, point it out

At Delivery

  • Should NICU have been there? Were they not called with enough time to be present?
  • Who was in the room?

Cord Gas

  • What minute was it ran?
  • Most places do allow for cord gases to be ran up to an hour after delivery.
  • Still not standard every delivery but should be expected when NICU is needed at delivery or for fetal distress.
  • Was it a “cord gas” or VBG/ABG? Differentiate if it was on the cord or delayed.

Seizure Activity

  • When did it start?
    • Delayed – more likely to be stroke related
    • Immediate – HIE
    • Timeframes to focus on:
      • Seizure
      • Spasticity
      • Cooling
      • Indicated? Done/Not done? Delayed?
      • MRI – if looks like a stroke – include in the discussion/opinion section

Brachial Plexus Injury

FMS may or may not matter in these types of cases. Some of the things our nurses look for in these types of birth injury cases:

  • What was happening with the Pitocin?
  • Who was present?
  • What were they doing?

Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant will focus their review on one of the two categories


Our nurses will provide a graph of the EFW from the ultrasound reports

Estimated Fetal Weight chart - review by Birth Injury Legal Nurse Consultant

DATE 05.13.2020 06.08.2020 08.12.2020 08.31.2020 09.28.2020 10.12.2020
GA 16w4d 20w2d 29w4d 32w2d 36w2d 38w2d
EFW (%) 201 gm 415 gm 1808 gm 81% 2419 gm 85% 3618 gm >95% 4186 gm >95%
  • Obesity
  • Diabetic
  • Hx of LGA babies


Failure to descend – in minutes

Shoulder called – in minutes

Maneuvers – specific types attempted – in minutes

  • McRoberts
  • Suprapubic Pressure
  • Internal Maneuvers: Rubin & Woods Corkscrew
  • Posterior Arm
  • Gaskin
  • Zavanelli

Credit for the content goes to one of our OB Nurse, Ashley Jefferson, BSN, RN, C-EFM, FNE. Our experienced nurses are ready to assist you with your next case and potentially reveal abnormalities when they assist the attorney with the work up on the case.  Contact Med League Support Services or call us at 908-788-8227 for a free consultation.  You can also fill out our web form with summary of your case and a team member will get back to you promptly after review.